Anyone selling Post Traumatic VIP Package for any US show?

Hi there.
Didn’t have a chance to buy VIP package in time, so was wondering if anyone for some reasons probably can’t go and selling?

May have to sell my NYC tix if you’re interested.

@shadycroat, if you end up having to sell, I would buy! :smiley:

I think I may have to. I have two tickets. PM me when ya can

@shadycroat So you have two Post Traumatic VIP packages, right?

Correct. They are the “Crossing A Line” package

@shadycroat There are two types of package, “Crossing A Line” and “Post Traumatic”.
I need the second one :slight_smile:

Anyone selling Post Traumatic VIP package for Raleigh, NC?

Crossing A Line one is what I said I have

If you are still selling them, I’m interested!

I have one PT package for sale for the show in Toronto in October.

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Saw just now the connection was already made- good luck to you both

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I also have a Crossing The Line ticket for the Orlando show on the 20th

Im looking for two “Post Traumatic” vip packages for the show in chicago on 11/11. This is the only show i could go to and Im flying in fron Dallas to see him so would love to do the meet and greet as well. Please msg me if you have the package but cant go.
Ill buy you drinks as a thank you too.

i’m looking for three…thinking that’s a unicorn i’m not going to find :frowning: