Anyone Selling M&G Tickets For any show in America

Looking for any M&G ticket Its my dream to meet Mike and im travelling from Australia just to see him :cry:

Look here

Mine is an early entry + merch but no M&G, I dont know if you’re interested. I can totally negociate the price.

Sorry im especially looking for the M&G otherwise im going to get a standard ticket

If you have tickets already for a specific show, there are meet and greets available here:

It’s not a guarantee, though. You just have to enter the pool and hope you get lucky.

If you could let me know how you would pay and the amount that would be great and I for sure could have 1 for you, granted you will be in SLC November 8th

I believe they are also non-transferable.

I can transfer the money and im basically planning my trip around the concert so ill be there for sure

as i understood, you had to contact ticketmaster or the seller and verify that it was possible
i did see that you could put them back up and try to sell if you cant make it-at least that was how it was for the masonic in sf
i think just make sure before or since youre both going, then make sure youre going together possibly?

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Im willing to pay same amount as you paid or negotiate if you wanted more @dallas36

I have one for Cincinnati but that’s in 3 days ):