Anyone else have problems with Youtube videos that they make with covering their favorite songs?

I’ve made my own videos of myself singing karaoke versions of songs by various artists including Linkin Park. The problem is the whole copyright system, it feels as though as the companies that Linkin Park works with aren’t very flexible with hearing others making covers of Linkin Park’s music. I find it to be an unfair practice of limiting one’s creativity.

This also applies to other artists’ music in general, I really would like some advice to counterclaiming the copyright notices that keep popping up on my videos. Can anyone lend a piece of advice? This has left me feeling very frustrated.

I’ve been covering Linkin Park songs on piano on YouTube for years and I’ve never had a problem. The only cover I’ve received a copyright warning on is a video of a Staind song I recorded a few years ago.

YouTube’s copyright system is awful, I don’t think it is Linkin Park’s fault. There are big names in YouTube fame that get struck by this stuff and have no options to solve the problems either. Here’s a couple of (pretty long) videos about how broken the system is:

Also, this:

On the brightside, if your covers are being picked up as the real thing, you must sound pretty good, haha

I don’t get why, but it really is actually the Music Policy that YouTube has. The weird thing is that some of the videos I have created are recognized as covers, but the rest aren’t. How are you supposed to make cover videos if not every single one of them are recognized as a legitimate cover? This is what has become the problem for me and the Content ID claims really don’t seem to be disputable as much as I like. YouTube really needs to improve their policies of how covers of music are considered “cover videos”.

Not really solving the problem, but you could try Soundcloud