Any Suggestions?

Anyone here like these guys? I’ve been getting into alot of heavy stuff lately. Pig Destroyer, Wormrot, Insect Warfare, Death, and Carcass. What are some other groups you guys like in Grindcore, Mathcore, and Death Metal? Looking for some new stuff.

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-Napalm Death
-Anal Cunt
-The Red Chord
-Misery Index

-Between the Buried and Me
-The Dillinger Escape Plan
-The Number Twelve Looks Like You
-Norma Jean
-Ion Dissonance
-The Chariot
-Every Time I Die
-August Burns Red
-The Bled
-Into the Moat
-Misery Signals

Death Metal:
-Cannibal Corpse
-Morbid Angel
-Amon Amarth
-In Flames
-Dark Tranquility
-Arch Enemy
-Children of Bodom
-Napalm Death
-Dying Fetus
-Six Feet Under

I love me some mathcore. Hope you enjoy some of these bands. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the list!

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No problem! Based on the bands you originally listed, you’ll probably like the Death Metal and Grindcore bands a bit more, but Mathcore is amazing and I definitely suggest it. Between the Buried and Me is one of my favorite bands. :slight_smile:

Slipknot,Korn, Stone Sour. Quite common ones.

Not for these genres.

5 Finger Death Punch, maybe.

Yeah, there are some Mathcore bands I listen to, like Botch, Training for Utopia, and Norma Jean. I’ve heard the first album by Dillinger Escape Plan.

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Another honorable mention for mathcore is Animals As Leaders, but they’re a little more progressive and purely instrumental (no vocalist).

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Isn’t Mathcore supposed to be Progressive? I listen to Progressive stuff.

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It’s definitely influenced by it, but it’s not usually as driving and fast-paced as progressive.

Speaking of Progressive groups. Have you heard of Today is the Day?

No, I have not. I’ll check them out. :slight_smile: