Any kind of news about Linkin Park?


Yes! This is another thread concerning the future of the band because I see that many others before me (although very prematurely, in fact similar threads are dated in July 2017) are very concerned about the direction that tacitly decided to undertake the remaining members. That is not to say openly to the public and especially to us fans who would have temporarily closed the project ‘Linkin Park’.

Honestly I expected that in commemoration of the tragic date we could get some statements, but it was not so. Just look at this forum that has had some good moments of glory and now is comparable to a wreck where, forgive me for the metaphor, users are more than anything else ghosts looking for some sign (including me).

“So why are you opening this topic?” Just to be able to write what a simple fan (by now it’s been a long time about 20 years) thinks; Yes it is true the goodbyes are not simple and the only thing that remains is the memories that keep both him and us alive.


I heard Mike was in talks with the guys and decided to go on with Linkin Park. But only one site says this and Mike certified nothing. I hear hoax-smell…


Baghhh don’t be a downer bro…
in my heart of hearts maybe I agree with you that they will never be the full out project that they were before chester’s passing but the fact that they’re each doing their thing shows that they still have an itch to play and create things
After so long they deserve a hiatus if they needed it
Joe playing is a good sign I’d say
They just have to test their strengths individually I’d say
There’s nothing wrong with that and there’s no need to put a sour note onto what they want to do :slightly_smiling_face: after all they’ve done and all the music they’ve given us they deserve for the fans to not be demanding of what’s to come
Each person has their own pace :man_shrugging:t2:
As for the forums :man_shrugging:t2: Again, it might not be as musically inclined with the group as you’d hope but more bonds have been created in the past year and that counts for something
It follows the band’s message as it is
Maybe not everybody’s cup of tea but highly valuable nonetheless

And go ahead and see yourself as a ghost if you’d like, I see plenty of vibrant people with a variety of tastes and stories
There’s no ghosts here besides Boris :wink:


I agree, let’s just give them time. I always cheer up for Linkin Park, but I really want they’re happy. No matter what.


Agreed with @framos1792 !
It’s not a switch that you can turn on/off as you like… So I say to not be in a hurry and wait a bit more… you know you’re not alone in your waiting @Droms ! :muscle: :muscle: :hugs:


Most probably, fans will not accept a new vocalist. The guys do understand this and therefore I am not expecting LP to continue in a usual format. We will see, though.


I had to read through everybody’s comments several times and really think about where each is coming from. I want to share my thoughts in the hope that they may provide some perspective. If your husband or wife passed away, would you want people to harangue you about when you are going to get married again? If you lost a child, would it be appropriate for your friends and family to ask you when you are going to have another kid? Those questions are so painful and, oftentimes, not answerable or appropriate. Linkin Park is a beautiful gift that we will always have and share. It can’t be taken away. Let’s show our love for the guys and each other by holding each other up and celebrating every step forward that each of us are able to make. The future is there if we are willing to embrace it. Peace and Love to all.


Very kind words as well as good points :slightly_smiling_face: thank you for sharing, totally agree! :slightly_smiling_face:


I think they should start looking for a singer already so they can get back to touring the older songs it’s been awhile and they still are putting it off

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I’m sorry…putting it off? It may have been a year but, it’s taken Mike this long to get as comfortable as he is on stage again. They didn’t just lose a singer, they lost a best friend. A brother. Like @adrianne62 said, you don’t go asking someone who lost a spouse when are you getting another one. They are figuring this out. They will do what they see is right when they feel it’s right. They may not even get another singer. I’m sick of this coming up. End rant


Settle down Harley :slightly_smiling_face: woosaaaaa…
I agree this discussion doesn’t need to keep being brought up


I’m sorry…


:blush::hugs: it’s perfectly valid :sweat_smile:
Like we said everyone’s different
I just worry because im the one you’ll end up hitting me with hammer if you’re upset :crazy_face:


:hugs: :blush:The hammer will stay firmly behind my back. Yes, everyone is different. I’m not attacking. I just get fired up when this topic comes up. It’s not our decision


Your right they did lose a friend they can take all the time they need :grin:


I agree that we should not keep pushing them. They need their time and it’s not easy for them to be so emotionally attached and at the same time decide what to do. Grief is a long process and not one that a person can just get over. Whatever they have done so far shows a great amount of strength and courage.

Joe is out and about and so is Mike. Dave has said in his podcasts that they would like to continue but nothing is certain (he also showed up for Running From My Shadow at Loveloud). Brad I believe has helped Mike with parts of his album. Only Rob is unheard of. I think these are overall good signs though. But I do believe it will take time. Mike even said that once he does this tour they will be able to figure out more things. I also know that whatever they choose to do, they will do it with Respect to Chester. For sure it won’t be the same without Chester. But I think they would do a good job with the cards they have been dealt. I know it hurts us, but it hurts the guys in LP even more.

@adrianne62 that was a wonderful reply! One that I agree with wholeheartedly.


I’ve been thinking about this recently.
I was listening to this song by The Roots, and there’s this line that’s been haunting my thoughts since: “… ‘cause I’m the definition of a tragedy turned triumph”.

I mean, Chester’s passing is indubitably a tragedy, on so many levels. It may take years to recover from it, to try to pick up the pieces and move on. That timeline is determined only by the guys.
But also, it doesn’t necessarily mean an end, or a fizzle down. A new starting point is a new starting point, with many possible directions which may lead anywhere.
You may call me a dumb optimist, but I believe in a triumph. However shitty the tragedy-induced starting point is, I believe in LP. However long it may take, I believe in them getting back together and finding a new direction, that may have the possibility of turning this tragedy into triumph.


I love Chester with all my heart. I can’t imagine hearing those songs by someone else. And i can’t imagine how hard it would be for them either. It is a hard decision to make. But if someone else comes in, i would still love LP because it is not just a band for me. I just want what’s best for them. Even if they quit LP, i understand. They are a part of me and always will be.


I think Mike shows pretty good how LP songs could work in the future on stage- sung by him and the fans… and then they can play new songs - more related to Mikes voice range- with a new singer in addition or not- for the NEW songs - I don’t see a problem in that at all. And I trust in the guys - they’ll work it out- I’m sure about this


Yes, finale i agree them, :facepunch:

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