Any fav LP songs?

hi street soldiers I just wanted to know if y’all have any favourite linkin park song because I think that there all unique that its hard to pick a favourite so I just wanted to know if y’all have a favourite or, if like me, you can’t pick one.

Hey, try these threads:

Hey! We also got B.O.T.S. There’s some votes showing the whole fan preferences. (Though, not so many people voted). :smile:

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I wonder when @acemasters will be back.

who’s @acemasters ?

Ace Master ist he unbeaten king of lpu-song-polls and like two month ago, due to the death of his …handy/mobile, he left for comming back hopefully real soon…B+O+T+S is like Battle of the songs…LP album votings, song vs. song [costs heardtblood] stm. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not ‘like’ it is lol

thanx, so I still have o learn, hi Rob @the_termin8r1, me watching terminator III righ tnow, and I open the post for wiki, everybody can change, lol :stuck_out_tongue: let´s go
the post above is open, you can remove my error, Robert!
nobody a nice idea to play with the wiki-function?
You all can addsth to my post dueto click on the green biro, upper right corner of the post…

thanx that kinda helped :slight_smile:

the correct answer is yes XD

Only one? Oh that’s difficult… Mmm, I choose Points of authority, is not that don’t like others is just… Is almost the only one that can makes me happy in 10 seconds

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Am… breaking the habit, all time favourite!!

Crawling is my favorite :smiley:

Hybrid Theory - One Step Closer (first song I ever heard from them),
Meteora - Breaking the Habit
Minutes to Midnight - The Little Things Give You Away/What I’ve Done,
A Thousand Suns - Waiting For the End/The Catalyst,
Living Things - Burn It Down,
The Hunting Party - A Line In The Sand

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the first song that I heard was numb

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when you get the feels listening to linkin park :smirk:

:joy: is a unique sensation, I love music and LP moves me

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