An LPU acoustic cover of

Here’s one from my sis
i hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this…
she has no username here, so if she never finds out, i should be ok (shy girl…)

more from these two on that youtube channel.


She’s good at it! :smiley: :microphone:
Hope she won’t get mad at you for sharing… :laughing:

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Wait, Anna is your sister? Wow!

Really love it!
Great voice, very pure!
Normally I don’t like women singing Chester, to much curlicue and flourish. :wink:
Please, tell her from me, I admire her singing!

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Thank you my dear @anna834 , i will pass it on and an LPU member’s view matters much!
specially about respecting the song of your favorite artist!

I agree, i think she is using her voice very intuitively, with highs and lows that are always pleasant.
her name is Anna too btw :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There’s one more cover from these two,
joined by another friend, and i was really stunned with her voice here.

Truth is i’ve only heard her high pitch when we fight :stuck_out_tongue:

wait, you know my sister @evooba??
maybe it’s time to delete all my posts now !! :sweat_smile::flushed:


I know Wise (Konstantinos) and first heard your sister sing because of him. They’re both brilliant musicians.

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@evooba @anna834
Honored as a brother to receive and pass along your responses!

maybe i will use your words to push these two into some new covers.
it’s 2019 ain’t it!!
we need some covers!!
i know i sure do!

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its really beautiful voice :smiley: i appreciate it! :clap:

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I’ve found some other LP covers by her and the guitarist. Does she sing professionally?

@anomalia :heartbeat:

as her piano teacher said when she was a child,
"when you are good at something you are a talent but when you are a talent in many, you are charismatic and you should choose your own path.’

Looks like she has left singing in her past for now but it could be only to return with a bang in the future.
(But boy, did she love to hear your feedback here!!)
she is sending you her love :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

To be honest, i have influenced her against this mean industry and she sees its true face too.
In a world of stars … you know…
you let them be stars… and you sing on your couch with a friend or two…
now she is trying acting
a skill well needed in this world!




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Welcome to the fam @ericataglialegne

thank you on behalf of those two
i hope it made your day

c u around this lovely place :hugs:

Such an amazing voice!! :heart_eyes:

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Grazie a voi per avermi fatta emozionare . Linkin park Forever :heart:

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This is such an amazing cover! :heart:

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