Amazing cover in the end

Hi guys, I just needed to post this here, it is not my own cover, it is a cover that some musicians from my city (some I know because I go to college with them). These guys play jazz, funk, actually a lot of styles and they use to do gigs in a pub making jazz fusion versions of well known songs.

The band is called Teller Ulam, I just had to post the video here because they do not get the views they deserve for this piece of art so I just thought of publishing it here for the hardcore LP fans so they get to know this.

It is pretty crazy with the jazzyness but that’s what makes it pretty special too.


This is great… :heart::+1:
Although, in my opinion, a complete version with the soft, jazzy first part would have been nice too…

Just watched the vid. It’s is pretty cool, but, yea, there’s always someone with a
“But”…I most def appreciate the effort they put into it, it’s just not “my” cup of tea. Again, only my opinion, it’s just too mellow for my particular taste… but that just me…I’d be the last guy to ever knock a band that plays a LP song…!!..I’ll be looks for some new stuff by them. Keep up the good work fellahs…!!..Peace…Mark.

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That’s great :grin: It’s very unique, i’ve never heard a jazzy version of this song until now.

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