Am I the only one not seeing Mike?

I can’t afford going to shows outside my city, not like when I was younger, going to Road to Revolution, Download on 3 occassions, the very first Sonisphere, Paris

But Mike doesn’t seem to have anything for London as of yet and seems unlikely right now…

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I’m not going. I wouldn’t go even if there was an event in London, just because I’m not interested.

Haha nice thread. I’m not going either

so you dont like the album? just asking

It’s meh. I’ve only listened to it 3 or 4 times all the way through since it came out. My initial rating of 7/10 needs amending to about 5.5/10.

I’m not going either… I want to go to the Vienna show but apparently my parents think that something dangerous might happen to me so they don’t let me go there… :unamused: I’m really mad about it :tired_face:

I am not going ethier. Don’t have the money and he isn’t coming any where around me

No you’re not the only one seeing not seeing Mike I can’t afford to either or I would have a long time ago so I feel your pain

The closest he comes to us is I believe Seattle or somewhere in that area or or Phoenix or Arizona but I know it’s not anywhere near us I don’t believe they’ve ever come to our town I could be wrong

I‘m Not going either, I live in northern Germany and all Germany Tour Dates are too far away :confused:

He announced another US date?

I am not going either. No shows in my country and I couldn’t have afforded to travel. Sucks, big time. But maybe some other day in future.