Alpharetta LPU presale question

I got presale tickets, and have been hearing about people already recieving their tickets. I am going to Alpharetta and I am curious who already recieved their presale tickets in the mail. Please write if you’ve recieved yours, thanks.

I ordered presale tickets to Alpharetta too and according to the lpu website I won’t receive the tickets til August 8th. Hope that helps:)

It says when you’ll receive them?

Funny mine says: Shipping: 08/06/2012

This is with Regular mail shipping too.

It varies depending where you live. People in GA will get it before me since I’m in NC

So your estimated shipping date is August 8th.

Mine says:

USPS Expedited Mail Innovations
Shipment #: GCXXXXXXX
Shipping: 08/06/2012

So you’ll most likely get yours around August 6th. I wish we could them sooner because it makes me nervous waiting so long

I think it means it’s going to be shipped out on August 6th.

We’ll get it two weeks before the show I know that. If not then erm well yeah.

Oh You’re right it will be shipped not received. Thank you.

Yw :slight_smile:

Curious if anyone has gotten their presage tickets yet?