All non-us residents Meet LP at video shooting set

Did u hear about the honda civic tour prices … u can registet to gin a car a motorcycle or a chance to go to California to meet Linkin Park in their new video shooting set . Plus they give u a guitar and drum set signed by the band … But as expected … ONLY AVAILABLE FOR US RESIDENTS !!! That sucks and happens all the time dont u think? Awesome promos in wich we can’t never participate…

Well, they’re American.

Well i am american too… because u know america is a continenet not a country right? But yeah i know what u mean . I just wish there was something else for us

Well, they can’t do anything about it. It’s not them who decide who will be able to participate and they’re not paying for it, Warner does. Meaning if Warner is willing to pay a maximum of, lets say $1000, it is US only, which is always the case.

I read it’s because of juristic reasons.

Thanks everybody for ur comments , i know its something up to warner , taking this as an expample , the logistics cost would be huge to send the guitar and drum set all the way to Mexico and im definitely not criticizing the band . im just saying that i wish Warner would make contest in wich people outside United States can participate .
I think its fair to say most of us , international fans , would happily give up the guitar and drum set just to get the chance to meet the band at their music video shooting set .

Anyway … its just a tought , hope nobody got offended by this.

Doing worldwide contests is really complicated - just think about all the different laws in different countries. This was also the reason why the Share to Earn program was only available in certain countries. Usually the local Warner offices do contests for the different countries e.g. the German Warner is giving away tickets for the upcoming tour in Germany this fall.

I know that, but we can’t exactly call United States citizens United Staters. Like everyone has mentioned, it’s really complicated to go beyond their home base- yet they’ve still done summits outside the US, huge festivals, have filmed majority of things in outside countries. Just be patient.

Exactly. I guarantee the band is not intentionally excluding non-U.S. fans from some of these contests. It’s just that the back office stuff on even fairly basic contests can be pretty complex. (Whoever wins that motorcycle can prepare to owe a couple thousand dollars to the IRS next April.) If you attempted to open something up to the entire planet, you’d need a team of tax lawyers to figure it all out. It’s unfortunate, but yes, try to look for local promotions when the band is in your country!

I noticed that and tweeted LP about it xD

The thing is, the Honda Civic Tour is ALSO in Canada

So, it makes sense if it’s US AND Canada

Not just US

And none of LP contests is available for me :<
Share to earn - NAmerica + England only
This contest - US only
iTunes contest some time ago - Europe excluding Eastern Europe.

It’s so annoying when you see people winning lifetime LP tickets and you can’t take part
you can’t even passively take part

And you’ve got to indicate it to people who run it and the people who own it
that unless you’re free
the machine will be prevented from working at all

wow, LP quotes are a powerful weapon :o

[quote=NLopezdeArenosa]Well, they’re American.

indeed sucks

thats why many people from europe cant be botherd to even purchase a LPU membership, i have heard
because all the good stuff happens over there

well either way
im so happy i joined
got to meet the guys this year

It’s not the bands fault though.
Like someone before me pointed out, it’s a question about taxes and laws that have to be followed.
Worldwide contests aren’t as easy as US Only or UK Only or whatever they do.
My Chemical Romance had the same problem on HCT last year with the fan’s compalining that they couldn’t enter to win the MCR Designed Bike.
It’s not the band’s fault that there’s so many restrictions.
Would you rather they stop holding contests at all?
I wouldn’t.
There’s gonna be a time for all of us.
Some contests will be for the country you live in.
And some won’t.

Oh, I’m from Europe. Germany to be exact. I still got a membership. :slight_smile:

To everybody who’s been going on and on with the same thing … Please guys NOBODY here is blaiming the band . We’re just expressing ourselves and our desire for a contest to be available for us . Personally i sometimes felt frustrated because nothing was available for me . More than once i had to travel to U.S. in order for me to get Lp merchandise , sometimes. even to get some albums that were not sold in Mexico .
Most importantly , its been 10 years since they last came here . And i was 12 so i wasn’t allowd to go . But now they are planning to come on september and im super happy .
What we all say is that people in the states are very lucky because they can see them oftenly and dont have to make a big efford to do it .
For me , im gonna drive 12 hours to see them at the upcoming Mtv World Stage , then drive back and go on for another 8 hours to see his own show .
Yeah people that’s the kind of fans that Mexicans are . :slight_smile:

Come on guys, it’s the HONDA CIVIC tour, not the Linkin Park tour. LP is supporting the marketing of the car, that’s all it is.

It’s just Honda using LP to market their car and make it look cool. That’s how businesses stay alive, through marketing. Of course LP is benefitting from it, spreading the word about their new record, selling tickets, etc. It’s a win win situation, but at the end of the day, it’s Honda’s tour, not LP’s.

I give up , kirly09 , but i cant force you ti READ!

imagine not being old enough. i know its not as bad but eh.

I think fan = fan and all must get the same chances… we all fans but it sucks that they makes differences between us fans…

its the international copyright thing. During the ATS promotion run when we could made “the catalyst” ourselves, it was difficult too