Album recommendations thread:

Uh, I forgot to say: I recommend to listen to these albums with lyrics (unless you’re very good in listening in English). Especially that second one, because spoken word genre is all about lyrics. So emotional, so deep.

Maybe it will convince you - comment under one of Hotel Books’ song:

@the_termin8r1 Aww guess A7X isn’t for everyone. The Black Market is Rise Against’s worst album lol (and it pains me to say cause they’re my 2nd favorite band). Funeral For A Friend is promising to be honest, they’re amazing live too! Never thought White Lies sounds like Imagine Dragons but now that you mentioned it, they kind do, especially their latest album. Lastly, if you like Stone Sour, check Slipknot out (same vocalist, though I prefer Stone Sour over Slipknot).

@xTirea I’m going through your list right now!

Nice! I’m curious about your opinion :smiley:

I have, they’re a bit too heavy for me.

I’m not a crier either, so we’ll see. If I ever cried, I better have been pepper sprayed first.

Wow, early OMAM is dreadful. To me it all sounds the same and the songs don’t seem as polished as they do in restoring force. Dr.Dre isn’t my sort of thing either. Just have to listen to public enemy now and I’m onto Kristina’s list though I only need to listen to F.E.A.R as I’ve listened to the other two recently.

Took me a while to get used to the old OMAM too… Not sure you’ll like Public Enemy either haha.

F.E.A.R. is great, though I think The Connection was better. Gonna listen to Disturbed’s new album tomorrow along with Iron Maiden’s.

F.E.A.R was bloody awesome! I’m going to take a slight detour from the lists and I’m going to listen to their whole discography.

@KristinaUK Thanks for bringing PR to my attention. I knew of them before, but never really looked into them.

@the_termin8r1 explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You know what’s inside, but then you have already killed the frog. Well, it was a reference to the Slash’s 3rd album.

@EvoOba A7x & Slipknot are awwwwesome. I knew there were a few fans of them in here, but didnt knew you were one of them. I think I should check out Stone Sour. I have a copy of IM’s new album, but I have not been able to listen to them.

@KristinaUK for no reason, how are you, Love :balloon: ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, reading back I realized.

I listened to their first 3 albums. The first one wasn’t bad, but it was almost completely inaudible (the lyrics that is). The second was similar, the third was also similar so I got bored and skipped to The connection, so far I like it, as for the first 3 I don’t mind them but they do get repetitive.

@amitrish A7X is like my 3rd favorite band… love them so much! I prefer SS over Slipknot to be honest but yeah.

@the_termin8r1You didn’t like Infest? I really believe it’s their best album with Getting Away With Murder following.

I’m glad you liked the album.) It’s my favorite so far.) They are currently on tour promoting F.E.A.R. and will do a joined show with Five Finger Death Punch in London on 28th of November. Tickets are still available.)

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I’m ok. Haven’t been here for a while.) Can’t wait to see Fort Minor in London. Tickets arrived today so now I’m even more excited!) How are you there?)

Infest was better than OFFYY, but with lovehatetragedy it all got a bit much. It was like listening to 3 similar variations of Hybrid theory. I skipped GAWM, TPS and metamorphosis. TC and F.E.A.R were great though.

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Hotel Books did indeed pack quite a punch but alas, I didn’t cry, I didn’t even come close. Solace was good but it would have been better if the vocals were more gentle otherwise the lyrics are great.

Finally listened to Immortalized. Not a disappointment at all! I was expecting worse lol

@xTirea I really enjoyed Besides and God Is An Astronaut, which I’ve heard of before but never really sat down to listen to their stuff. Phedora sound great too!!

Yeah, GIAA and Besides were great. I liked GIAA a bit more though.

@kristinaUK Good for you girl! I am good too. thanks for asking :smile:
It’s good to know that your tickets arrived. Hope you will have fun & a great show. I also hope you will miss me there :stuck_out_tongue: Have fun. When is the show btw?

@evooba finally heard “the book of souls”. I liked it. Nothing less was expected from IM.

Going by all you guys’ review, I guess I should check God is an Astronaut.

It’s an instrumental album. It’s a bit strange at first but it becomes surprisingly likable.

Here is a sample of something that’s really weird, yet fascinating. The music changes every paragraph, yet it is entertaining. I dont know if you guys will like it, but here it is.
Also, I hae already heard GiaA. I just didnt knew the name. Sometimes, YouTube is useful :smiley:

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