Adding Friends From South Africa

Hi all

I am looking for people to add from South Africa who are going to the JHB or CPT shows


Howzit :smiley:

Which show are you going to?

I am going to JHB

Hi, I am located in the States, but thinking about going to the Johannesburg show; I’ve never been to South Africa. Is public transportation good; could I take the bus, taxis…any tips would be appreciated…and is there a nice hotel or guesthouse to stay nearby? All I know is it is more convenient to fly into Johannesburg instead of Cape Town; is it easy transportation between those 2 cities?

I’m going to the Cape Town concert. Will hopefully wangle some tickets for JHB.

See ya there.

Tickets are almost sold out for johannesburg

A flight from Joburg to Cape Town is a 2 hr flight,
a 24 hour bus ride
a 17 hour Car Ride

Public Transportation is… ok, Mini Bus Taxies or Call-A-Cab companies
If you do come down to SA then remember one word “Howzit”

There are plenty of hotel and back backers hostels in basically every city. Depending on your budgetary constraints , Backbackers hostels being the cheapest and the mount nelson / hilton / sun city being on the upper echelons of the hospitality spectrum.

Good Luck!

Going to JHB!!! :slight_smile: YEAH!!!

Yeah I tried logging in, it says there are already 1000 people ahead waiting to buy tickets for Jberg. I won’t hog up the locals chance to get them. Have fun everyone. I’m going to the Honda civic tour at least…I wish I could go to one of the world tour ones too.

Heya im going to the Jhb shoe… Should anyone wanna friend me… Please do so :slight_smile:

going jhb for the win!!!

Going to JHB…Hell Yeah

Going to CT!

The atmosphere at Soccer City is giong to be INSANE!

Cape Town Stadium’s gonna rock[smile]

I’ll be at the Jhb show!

Going to CPT Concert. Cant wait!!!