Access to older contet from LPU

Starting this thread to find out how to get access to photos/media from older versions of LPU! Are there anyway to get access to older stuff? This was a feature that was available before, but can’t seem to get access to that stuff now.
I would very much like to get access to especially photos from the 2011 A Thousand Suns Tour when they were in Norway for the first time, when they were headliner at the Hove Festival.

Anyone got pics from both the show and/or the meet & greet? I am very much interested for the meet & greet photos. Anyone who got them?:fire::facepunch::+1::sunglasses:

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If you’re looking for meet and greet photos, unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Although, for the longest time, everything was readily available when the LPU merged with, since the website moved back to the old URL, a lot of this stuff was lost in the switch over.

Even with the band in a state of inactivity right now, I would have thought somebody at HQ would have resolved the problem by now, but obviously that’s not the case.