Accepting, easy word to say, hard thing to do

It’s a easy word to say, but a hard thing to do. Accept.

In your life things happen. Something’s are good, some really bad. The easy things are easy to move on. The bad things are harder. You have face them and sometimes you don’t want to, you want to avoid it. But you can’t. It is there, like a wall you run in to every moment. You can’t climb the wall, you can’t walk pass it. It’s there, facing you. You don’t know what to do. You get sad, or angry, or depressed. The moment you feel that, it is the only emotion you feeling. You want that feeling to be gone. But you don’t know how.
You are searching for answers. What do I need to do? What is it what I can do?
When that moment comes. The best thing is accept it. Accept that things go the way it needs to go. Its hard to accept it. But it’s the only way to move on. When you come to a realization to accept it, the wall slowly getting smaller. You can see the otherside of the wall. When you finally accept the thing that is happening to you, the wall is small enough to get over it and to step over it. You can move on.

Accept things is hard. Something someone said to you, or did to you. Or the way life/people treat you. You don’t want that. But (and this is the hardest thing) you have accept it. Only then you can move on.

We don’t know why people or life treat you that way, maybe you don’t know it to. But talk about it. And understand it. Maybe then the wall slowly becomes smaller.
It only makes you stronger when you can overcome your demons, overcome the pain, overcome sadness, overcome the depression. It makes you stronger. And you are stronger then you think.

It’s okay to feel sad, or unhappy. You are a human and humans have feelings. Just don’t give up easy. Fight it and overcome it!

The life you are living, more walls will come, that’s for sure. But don’t forget who you are and where you are coming from! Every wall that you have to face, learn from it and take it with you to the next wall. The next wall that you have to face again will become easier to get over it.

And if you feel down, talk with someone about it. They can help you or let you see a different side of the feeling you are going through. They are people who want to help you! Maybe someone close to you or a expert. If you talk about it, you are already making the wall smaller. Heal from it.

Don’t shut yourself out! You are stronger then you think.

Accept. Easy word to say, hard thing to do.

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That is so true, this has been something I have been struggling with for a while now


Like your words here… :heart:

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I hope my words help. :heart: we are here. :pray:

It’s been 14 years since I woke up to the realization that I had to accept life’s obstacles. What I can tell you 14 years later is that acceptance is a continual choice that you must make over and over again.


They were words I really needed to hear so thank you for sharing

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I didn’t want to react to this but it keeps bothering me. It keeps spinning in my head. Please, don’t be angry or offended to what comes next. It’s my personal opinion and totally not meant as an attack at what you believe. But somehow this hit me in my core, more than I thought it would. I’ve put it in a sort of text because otherwise this reaction would be too long…

"The horrible things that happened to me as a child
And the bastards who did them to me

The pesterings and beatings in my teens,
The betrayals in my twenties,
The pain and suffering,
The darkness brought into my life,
The looking down on me,
The total lack of respect,
The false blaming,
And the bastards who did them to me

The gun that was put against my head,
The fear I felt that day.
And the bastard who put it there

The so-called therapists, who abuse when they should help, the social workers, the government bureaucracy, the psychiatrists and their pills to numb you down, the people who say they’re with you and then put a knife in your back.

The emotional blackmail,
The psychic abuse,
The fysical abuse,
The lost of all self respect,
And the bastards who did it all to me

The rotten disease that entered my life when things were finally good,
The contineous decay of this body.
The not being able to attend my parents funeral because of it,
The accusements and abandonment of family and friends.

The total neglectment of society towards the weak,
The world and how it has become,
The fucking high tower people who look down on us, who use us,
The wars, the destroying, the killing in the name of religion and power,
And the bastards who are still doing it all

Acceptance is a word, invented to keep us calm, to keep us quiet, to keep us bound, to make us walk in line, to keep us dumb.

Acceptance is a word, to shut us up, used to look the other way.

Acceptance is a word, used by those who have it good, used by those who don’t really know what suffering is, used by those who take advantage in us not fighting back, used by priests and therapists to make you fall in line

The only time the word acceptance should be used, is when there’s a firm No in front of it.

I will never accept, I question and I react"


@drounzer @Fravaco i liked your words a lot! :heart::heart: Everyone here is super strong to live the life that they have ! :muscle:


Acceptance very much depends on the situation. There are undeniable acts and circumstances that are unacceptable. However, in the concept of a relationship that didn’t work out or an opportunity you wanted but never came to fruition, to accept this loss is healthy. It means you acknowledge your loss and move forward. It does not linger into a growing anger that turns into dark hatred, and ultimately is only self-destructive. Acceptance is a journey (particularly in grief). It’s extremely difficult to accept the loss of a loved one, especially when you can’t understand why. But the only route to heal is to accept they had the choice, and, even if you could see their astonishing light, you can’t rewrite time. So you accept that although they are no longer with you, they will always be part of you. We cannot control life, and that means accepting not everything in life is going to work out. But that’s ok, because we will all find a way. :heart:


Thank you…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:… that’s a short version of my topic :joy:
You are the best.
And your comment is what i meant. :heart:

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Again i understand you.
Continue here:

There are still things in my life that i don’t accept. But I’m still young. And maybe… maybe when im older i hope to let those things go.
I can sit in a corner and let my depression and loneliness control me, but i wouldn’t let that happen. I don’t want to be that and yet the most of the time I am like that…
I want to enjoy life, be happy. But that’s not how i feel now. I’m running to the same wall over and over again the last monts. But i hope one day I can pass this wall and be happy for a while and enjoy it.

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Now I’m gonna enjoy my evening. :blush:


Hello from France. I read these lines and it makes me think that hand(s) need(s) to be taken, with no delay becauses sadness can fast overwelm a human. I would add one thing I noticed years ago when I lost my mother and my father. Well when it starts to go wrong they do it for a while. I was young, shy, certainly a single minded not depressed but sure too lonely cause too persuaded I had to be strong on my own. In fact, since then I strongly believe that awful (or just sad) events that get you down on your knees when they happen, tunr to have a positive effect or meaning later. Call it positive fate or whatever. But if it can help, I swear I found good things later in many of those dark moments and events. Many hugs