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Hi all…
so what can we talk about here guys…

LP is amazing and they will be my favorite band for the rest of my life !

for the rest of your life !

are you sure ?
we change, things change, and our taste too
personally when I see what I listened to it a few years ago … no comment

yeah same with me, but I want to like LP for the rest of my life and they’re the only band that I’m really in to.

you should ask them in marriage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I personally already found that it lacks songs (well it’s not like we expect the following) to only listen LP

i miss linkin park alot the last time i seen them in concert was 2003 at a lpunderground event i hope they come near san francisco for the next concert

Since it’s not visibly obvious, this topic isn’t a “General LP Discussion”, it’s describing the #linkin-park category as a whole, and no real discussion should be going on here. I’m surprised this topic isn’t locked by default

Hey Guys! I’m new Here so I wanted to ask if you create an Account they ask of you are a LPU member and I said No. But then they ask you when you joined LPU and I didn’t know what to take. Could somebody help me???

Maybe @jFar920 or @derek can help you.

Why was my Unboxing video thread deleted?