A Thousands Suns- Toronto, February 8th, 2011

Hey Everyone,

I stumbled across some photos that were taken during the A Thousand Suns tour while cleaning up my files and I wanted to share them with you guys :slight_smile: This was my second time seeing LP, I had seen them in 2008 at Edgefest in Toronto but this one was special- I met a group of people who were all waiting in line very early before the show and we stayed together for the whole day/ show. I think we waited in line for around 7 or 8 hours in the dead of winter. It was freezing cold and we huddled together in an alcove together to try and keep warm. Meeting these guys, who were just as passionate for LP’s music as I was, was so uplifting. Thank you for bringing us all together LP :heart: I’ll stop getting mushy, I hope you all enjoy the photos! (I didn’t take these photos, they were sent to me by one of the guys in the group photos at the end. Thanks Nick!)!


There are A LOT more if anyone would like to see them :slight_smile:This is only the few I thought were the best of the whole lot.


Ah yes, back when Mike was impersonating a blind hipster. :joy:

Nice pics though.


Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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The sunglasses gave me a laugh I needed today :joy:


Kelly - these are marvelous. It’s cold, it’s night time, but hey, Mike’s future is so bright he needs shades anyway! That must have been an incredible day.

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Woow soo cool- they look so powerful :heart_eyes: thanx for sharing :+1:t2:- wasn’t it the „pink-eye“ period? :joy:


I miss these vlogs, they’re so funny.

I believe he has it all the time


I’m glad you liked them! They made me a bit heartsick to look at but I am so so happy with all the shows I’ve gotten to see.

The one I went to in 2014 was really amazing too! (I don’t have many pics from the show, I wanted to just enjoy it and not worry about taking photos) Chester jumped down into the crowd during In The End and reached down and took my hand and sang a line to me. It was so incredible-- I think I almost cried right after it happened :blush:

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Oh my gosh!! I totally forgot about that, I think you’re right! :joy:


Ah, here’s the proof! I thought there was a picture of us trying to keep warm :joy::joy: I’m red coat :blush: