A Question about merch(LPU vinyl decal sticker)

I want to purchase the limited edition LPU vinyl decal sticker for my MacBook, but there isn’t any sizes of the sticker. Does anybody own it ? What size is it?
MacBook on photo looks like 13’ one, but I’m not sure…

I couldn’t find any information, but the sticker is seen beside the LPU notebook in Mike’s track-by-track videos, and I have that

The notebook is 8.5 inches tall, and the sticker backing looks a bit smaller so I’d assume that’s 8ish. So minus the padding, the sticker looks like it’s about 6 inches tall? Hooray for math


Thank you:)

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You could always find out what Apple is in the OP, then measure the pic, get the measurements for the real thing, then adjust for scale and measure the sticker, but that’s long :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ve bought one… Just wait and see…
(Can’t choose the delivery variant, only USPS First Class International ( 20-40 days) :expressionless: )

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There wasn’t a standard delivery option? So weird.

This delivery is weird. The site said that it would be delivered by USPS, but now I’ve got the letter from Fullscreen Direct , that says that it’ll be delivered by DHL.

Since it is first class shipping, it should have a tracking number, look that up. Maybe they switched to DHL cause USPS doesn’t deliver to your country.

Yes, there is a number.
When I bought a book in James Jean’s store( based in LA), USPS delivered it right into my county. Maybe the store uses DHL, because it’s cheaper(the delivery costs 20$)

I haven’t bought anything in a while to be honest, so I don’t know if they switched. But it’s still odd you couldn’t choose standard shipping in the first place.

EDIT: Checked it out myself, there is no standard shipping indeed, but the fees for first class shipping are as low as the standard shipping was, so I guess that’s good.

I’m about to take it from the post office today )

UPD: got to take it tomorrow , because of some problems

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I’ll write it here, because I don’t want to set up a lot of topics.
I can’t find Russia on the countries delivery list in the LP store. I’ve already contacted FulscreenDirect via “contact us” form in the store

That’s because they don’t ship everywhere. When I asked about it a couple of years ago, they told me they’ll be adding more countries as they go but the list hasn’t changed since then. If you have friends in the US, UK or Germany you can ask them to deliver whatever you want to their place and have them ship it later to you (mentioning those countries cause they tend to have the lowest shipping fees).

But Russia was on the list before the site change

On the LP store? (LP and LPU stores are different).

On the LP store.

Dunno, I haven’t noticed any changes tbh.

FullscreenDirect doesn’t control the General LP store

There was another form, and I’ve already received an answer

Thank you for your email, however at this time we do not ship to Russia. We apologize and ask that you check back periodically to see if we have added your country to our ship to list. Thanks you for your patience."

Fine then :frowning:
And today I went to post office to receive my LPU merch. The tracking ended, when the package was given to our local postal service. It was on 25 of October. Nothing has shipped to the local office yet. Well, our postal service is infamous about it. The sorting here usually takes a few days, but sometimes…

LOL, that’s the exact reply I got when I mailed them years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeap, our postal services suck here as well. I’ve had trouble with almost every single shipment of mine.