A LP concert with or without a friend?


With a friend, most def. But…needs to be someone who really likes them or who likes you enough to be excited with/for you. Somebody that will not appreciate it? Leave them home.

We are going to the Vegas show and there will be six of us!


With! It’s great to experience concerts together with someone. Then you can talk about the concert afterwards with someone who really cares :wink:


With if that friend loves them,if not you should go alone.You will meet some new people who are also their fans. [cool] For example,none of my friends love them,so went alone.I didnt wanna miss them just because nobody wants to come with me.


Defo with a friend, even if they don’t really know who LP are, still a great, energetic band to see live.

Bring a couple if you can!


With friends… Luckily I gotta bunch of LP freakyfriends.
The most unlucky is that Linkin Park comes here rarely… [sad]


Of course it’s more fun to have a friend with you. But the last time I went to a LP concert I went alone and to be honest, it was so much fun! I met a lot of people I’ve only talked to online, and it was great to finally met them in person. I didn’t regret the fact that I went alone :slight_smile:


with friends/a friend. But make sure they really want to come or have time. Unfortunately i had not the luck…“friends” want to go with u to a show and at the day, they don’t come…yeah they call himself as “friends”.

If u able to meet some people of LPU instead, it makes the show even better ^^


definitely with a friend:)


Always with a friend, you don’t want to be that loner with a sad look on your face lol


Last concert I went to I took my friend she is not that into lp . and she was complaining all the time! I mean I do appreciate the fact that she went with me but it was supper annoying and I did not enjoy my day as much as I wanted to. so if you donnot have a friend that loves lp as much as you do. then much better to go alone. trust me! :I …I did met some great lpu people at the meet and greet bdw :slight_smile: (I went to it on my own. and left my friend watching incubus n mutemath )


wether that friend is a LP fan too or not
if your friend stands next to you with a face like '‘IM SO F BORED OMG’'
then its no use to bring that friend … right


With. Not much fun going on your own, and its a shame not more LP fans live in this area so I can get to any concerts with someone.


Since its a LP concert it will be fun for sure. I went on my first (and only) concert with a friend, but there was someone closer to me (and a bigger LP fan) who wanted to come but couldnt cuz he was sick. I am sure being with a close friend is 100 times better :wink:


I have no friends from Perth who like Linkin Park as much as I do. I’m going to Soundwave with my mum because she wants to see Metallica. I entered the meet and greet thing (hoping to be able to meet LP) but my mum isn’t an LPU member so I’d have to go by myself… I’m 13 so I’m freaking out a bit about getting chosen and showing up without anyone ._. RIDING SOLO… because I have no choice xD

no friends… forever alone [cool]


It depends on your nature. I’ve had both and to be honest, going alone is better. You don’t have to worry about anyone screwing up and when something goes wrong you have no one to blame but yourself for it.


For me, with. I’ve been going with my cousin for over 10 years now (2002 on Phoenix’s birthday was our first), we go together every time they come to NY. It’s more fun when you’re with someone who loves them as much as you do.


probably with :smiley: but im going to see them in 3 weeks with no-one but i reckon itll still be awesome :slight_smile:


If you have the friends who like LP so - of course!!! And if you don’t have the LP fans in your friends (this is my situation) so you will find them on your first show, for sure. I find a lot of friends on my first LP show. And I meet my new friends on my second show a year later. It was amazing! LP fans is the best people in the whole world, and we all are the friends!


Well I’ve gone to a few with friends and a few without friends. If it’s a show like Projekt Revolution, I’d prefer to have someone with me so there’s someone to talk to during sets I may not like as much. But if it’s just an LP show, it doesn’t matter because, frankly, I’m there for Linkin Park, not to chat with my friend. So either way, I’m going to be in my own little LP world while they’re on and not paying attention to much else . :slight_smile:


With a friend! Especially when this friend is a LP fan. :slight_smile: I’m going to Auckland next week with my 2 best friends…