A light that never comes and Until it breaks insturmental

Here you go but I can never get these right so you might hear a few voices. Until it breaks https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fxIdre-RRScBcZQeQNKhnqyAYKBcI-zs/view?usp=sharing
A light that never comes.

Wb - why did you make a new account?

I didn’t? Did I?

How do you make a new account and not know it? :joy:

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I don’t know!? I remember my account but it made a new one somehow I am used my school email on the other one and now I forget my password. That email does not receive mail from other things other than my school.

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I see, yeah, it’s a burden with these passwords- hope you don’t forget it again…

Lol - it is :upside_down_face: what is it?