A few questions

I just joined LPU and I have a few questions:

With the laminate pass, will I be able to bring my boyfriend into the concert early as well? If I am chosen for the meet and greet can he come also?
How many tickets can I buy during presale? (for MI show)
When purchasing presale tickets, do I buy them on this site, or from ticketmaster?

I know that for the meet and greet your boyfriend would need to be a member and would need to be chosen and i’m pretty sure it applies to the early entry for the concert.
You purchase presale tickets on the lpunderground website.
And i don’t know the limit of tickets. sorry
I hope this helps :slight_smile: have a great day.

Thanks! That definitely helps! :slight_smile: Guess I’m gonna be buying my bf an LPU membership as well and hopefully we both get chosen for the M&G … wonder what those chances are…

Early entry to the show: Adam said we MIGHT (not sure yet) be able to get one person in early with us.
M&G: Only members can participate if they get chosen of course. You can’t bring a friend with you even if he’s in the LPU and hasn’t been chosen for the m&g