A Day To Remember...?

Anyone else totally in love with this band?

Meh…I heard a song from them the other day on the radio and I thought they were Papa Roach. The guy has like, 3 distinct singing voices. His normal singing voice is good, his screaming is better, but his weird in between “aggressive” voice is annoying imo…Like…sounds constipated. And then, I have a friend that’s obsessed with them (which seems to be the popular opinion on the west coast), and he plays me the non-radio stuff, and it’s completely different and a lot better…soo…idk…that gives me a weird feeling about them…like…I don’t understand how their original fans don’t think they’re sell-outs or something…

See it’s funny because I hate any band that gets a reputation for the music they play on the radio. A lot of people are getting in to them, but I can guarantee if you asked anyone what songs they know, maybe not just by ADTR, but LP as well, most people can only list the songs that get hammered down on the radio. If you DL music off the internet just grab their whole discography. Well worth the time to sit down and listen to.

I really like A Day To Remember, but I have yet to invest any time into really getting to know them. I want/plan to though.

YES they r awesome :smiley:

A really decent band imo :D.

I just saw them live on Monday in Poughkeepsie with Rise Against. I’ll be seeing the same show in May. I don’t really know any of their material but they put on a really great…interesting show. Here are some pictures I took (click to enlarge):

I also saw them live last week. They’re one of my favorite bands these days, since I’ve been into post-hardcore and metalcore lately. They have great songs, and I really don’t believe they have sold out at all. I don’t know when it became bad to get radio airplay.

I saw them live back in June 2011, I really liked them. Very entertaining show.