8/28/12 Houston Show

BIG FUCKIN THANK YOU to Linkin Park for the concert tonight. I have a lot of shit going wrong in my life right now, but your show dramatically improved my spirits. Thank you guys for all your hard work and your amazing albums. Your songs always speak to me in ways that give me almost a “religious” experience (and I use that term loosely). Your show tonight was Fuckin amazing by far the best concert I have ever been to. Many fans may diss your new work but I completely love and respect the direction the band is headed. You guys are the greatest band in the world hands down. Again thank you so much for your music and for coming to Houston tonight. Dont be strangers to the Lone Star state, you guys are always welcome here.



Dude you are so right. That show last night was amazing as always. I have seen them 4 times now and actually got into the meet and greet last night and that was a chance in a lifetime type thing. Some bands put on good shows but these guys just fucking bring it everytime all the time.

Damn Big Pete you lucky SOB. I wish I could have gotten to meet the guys. Now that’s the opportunity of a life time. Like you said these guys bring it everytime. There are a lot of haters out there talking about how LP needs to get back to the HT type album. What these retards don’t understand is no one wants to hear Nü Metal anymore, so bands like LP have to change to get new fans. I think their new albums are just as good as HT. My new life’s goals are 1. To be in the front of the pit at an LP concert and to meet LP.

I was there myself my first show been a fan since day one but never had that chance to c them it’s been three weeks and I still can’t BELEV I was there I had the best tym and they fucking rocked the shit out of that theater their was never a dull moment I couldn’t get over how clearly I could here them singing even from row 106 it was like hearin on the radio,best night of my life so far and i understand where ur coming from about their music having a meaning to ur life I’m right their to no matter how many times I listen to their songs they hit me every time … It’s funny cuz ur goals r the same as mine that would b a dream come true for me \m/