7th Studio Album Upcoming Tour 2017

It has begun! The first dates of Linkin Park’s upcoming tour in support of the new album have been announced! We can add shows as we go and have all the information we need in one thread and discuss anything tour related below.

The first shows are taking place in June in Europe. The band will be headlining Nova Rock Festival in Austria between the 14th and the 17th, and Hurricane and Southside Festivals in Germany between the 23rd and 25th.

Information can be found here (exact dates will be added as soon as they are confirmed):

Show added!
June 27th, VOLT Festival, Sopron, HU (Tickets go on sale November 17th)


Judging by previous years, I’d say this will be a short warm up tour, before they hit the States with a huge headline tour, followed by an early autumn/winter European tour and eventually stops in Asia and AUS/NZ to finish off the first touring cycle of the album sometime in February 2018.

I expect to see more major festival announcements, Pinkpop and maybe RAR/RIP or even Download and Reading and Leeds. I do hope they’ll add a few headline shows here and there, and maybe throw a couple Fort Minor shows somewhere in between. We shall see!

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cant wait until they hit the states I need a linkin park concert already

hey guys it is comming just nearer and we have new inspiration, fun and development, how nice :D…we can plan our flashmobs here and maybe the meetups,ohhh sooo exciting…btw,I think two threads are very nice to me for not getting the" let the other join the conversation (with this moralic ““are you sure?”” at the end) error message too often :joy:, so I like to have them both…:stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope, that they are a tour next year in Europe… But I have bought tickets for Hurricane Festival a few months ago so I’m happy to see them there. Did they said when they are going to drop the new album?

I updated the OP with a new show. I’m now waiting for confirmation from Download UK as well.

EDIT: I just checked the dates, highly doubt they’ll play Download UK afterall.

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I hope I’ll get to see them next year :grin: Excited!

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I added another show, VOLT Festival in Hungary.

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