30 Second Preview of Burn it Down

Here you go guys!!!

30 Second Preview to Burn it Down!!
What do you think???

I think its awesome!


actually sounds like they took the sound from Meteora and the sound from A Thousand Suns…and fused it together. I love it.

Yea i get what your saying it does sound like they mashed it together, it sounds rly goood i love it its very high pitched and the melidy is great… [cool]

sounds good. can’t wait for the full track!

Thank you very much for pointing this out! I like it personally, thanks to Linkin Park also for giving us a listen. :slight_smile:

I absolutely love it so far, so glad I didn’t bother persisting with that puzzle.

I look forward and very much I want a single and the album!!!

That is totally awesome. Can’t wait for the full song!

Yeah like it! But I guess LP doesn’t give Sonic their ok to publish that snippet. What about the puzzle now?

This had burned me away!!!

SO AWESOME!!! I’ve prepared my money for this album! CAN’T WAIT!!!

Sounds very cool, I love it. Can’t wait for full song.

I think it´s great, want to hear the whole single, can´t wait :slight_smile:

omg I’m so excited with this new album and I really can’t wait to hear the whole song -

Very, very good 30 seconds preview! Come, April 16, come quick!


Its exactly what I hoped for, as someone else said old mashed up with new.
Cant wait to give the car speakers some new LP treatment on Monday :smiley:

I really wish I hadn’t listened to it… now I can’t control my excitement… I need the full song NOW!!!

I love it - and hear it again and again …

great, the music gets from the first seconds))) full track forward looking

I won’t listen to it, because I gonna buy it and then listen to it.