2Pac orrrrr B.I.G?

Just wondering if anyone still listens to real rap instead of the crap thats out these days, and this is coming from a 16 year old. I think 2Pac is pretty good but I’m a Biggie fan myself. He’s my second favourite rapper behind the one and only Slim Shady :stuck_out_tongue: Mike was originally my second but after I started listening to Notorious I had to bump him down to third lol. If your curious about listening to B.I.G you should check out these songs:

Dead Wrong
Kick In The Door
Gimme The Loot
Notorious Thugs
I Got A Story To Tell
You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)
Who Shot Ya
Runnin (Dying To Live) featuring 2Pac

Those are some of my favourites :smiley:

My faves from 2Pac are - Breathin, Ghetto Gospel, Soldier Like Me, California Love

Gotta say 2Pac

2Pac, fuck yeah.

Lyrically: Dope.
Result of his work: Dope.
Fact that he’s dead/told to be dead: Biggest tragedy in music business.

His music moved so many people, tells the goddamn truth and that’s what it’s about. He made music about the things he wanted to, he said what he wanted to, noone had the guts to. But he did it. And he payed for it. Fuck all the haters, no matter if this asshole Suge, the US American government, Biggie or anyone else.

2Pac is a legend, definitely.
My favorites by Pac are California Love, Troublesome 96’, Changes, 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted, Ghetto Gospel, and so on.

Referring to B.I.G. … the only song by him I like is Dead Wrong with Eminem, 'cause Eminem rules almost that much as 2Pac does :smiley:

Thank God that there are some other guys who realize how the rap of today sucks besides of course Mike Shinoda and maybe Ice Cube. I realy listen to rap and I enjoy it but not so much then listening to LP (I know it has also Rap but you understand what I mean) But I like 2pac more than Biggy (except this one song he did with Korn called “Nobody”)

2Pac, without a doubt. I’m sixteen too and I completely agree, Eminem is number 1 and for me 2pac is a close second. But these days, rap is just not good like it used to be.