New piece of art made it last night, love dragons, and loved the idea to use’m as a symbol too.

Full HD Wallpaper ORANGE | BLUE

I’m loving it!

:smiley: Thx a lot ! Happy you loved it.

I like this one :3

Thanks Purnama :smiley: he do likes you too :slight_smile: !

That’s awesome man.
it’s makes a great t-shirt.

i like the orange one. it looks more dragon like :3

that looks really neat
how did you make it, in photoshop or some other adobe program?

Gail Charlevi Dsouza: Thanks a lot, happy you like it and like the shirt design.
Intheend: Thnxxxxxxx.
SD B E N N I N G T O N: well i do use illustrator for such arts, vector based.