23rd November O2 Concert Photos or Videos

Hi!! I made this Topic because i went to see Linkin Park and I was so fool that I didn’t take any pictures of myself lol!, I tried google trying to find myself in the crowd but nothing! :frowning: I was on the right hand side in the front second line, right in front of Rob! It would be nice to have a memory of my first LP live! :smiley:

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Wish I could help you… I was at that show myself but I didn’t capture any great photos myself. I took a few with my silly iPhone camera all the way from the platform but I don’t think you’d be visible on any of those (if the band isn’t even visible… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )… Sorry :slight_smile: Good luck with your search!

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I was there too. Intentionally didn’t take any photos so I could focus on the band. Be sure to post here if you do find anything though!

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few pictures from me. Did someone get more lucky than me ?


Great pics!

Have you checked You Tube?
There are a number of vids taken by people in the crowd, some are really good quality so you might get lucky :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have, i can see my hand several times when Chester or Mike Come into the crowd, but not more than that unfortunately.