2011 in Review

2011 (for me) proved to be another good year for new releases, and with a little less than a month to go, it’s time to sound off on the new music released this year, or the albums you’re still anticipating.

My list of new releases this past year:

Adelitas Way - Home School Valedictorian
Breaking Benjamin - Shallow Bay (Best of…)
Cage The Elephant - Thank You, Happy Birthday
Egypt Central - White Rabbit
Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
Green Day - Awesome As Fuck
Red - Until We Have Faces
Relient K - Is for Karaoke
Rise Against - Endgame
Silverstein -Rescue
Sixx:A.M. - This Is Gonna Hurt
Staind - Staind

Still anticipating:
Chevelle - Hats Off To The Bull (released tomorrow)

Quite the year of music it was indeed my friend. Like I usually have at the end of the year, I have too many new songs/albums to list, but here are some of my favorite album’s of the year:
Nickelback: Hear and Now
Evanescene: Evanescene
Megadeath: Thirteen
Korn: Path to totality
LPU11 :smiley:
Breaking Benjamin: Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin

Rammstein Made in Germany

[quote=LP13413]Still anticipating:
Chevelle - Hats Off To The Bull (released tomorrow)[/quote]
I still haven’t had a chance to get this yet, I should remember to sometime this weekend…

My album of the year is:
Scale the Summit - “The Collective”. Instrumental, prog-metal. Third album from the group. These guys are really coming along as musicians who not only have incredible technical chops, but can also write great songs.

Other great to good albums, roughly ordered;
Puscifer - “Conditions of My Parole” - Maynard James Keenan, of Tool & A Perfect Circle, with his 2nd full lenght release under this project. Great album, recommend it to anyone here.

Opeth - “Heritage” - Musically this is phenomenal, fantastic production too. The only thing holding it back is the lyrics (something i find with Opeth in general), but then Akerfeldt isn’t writing in his native tongue, so I can’t hold it against him too much.

Machine Head - “Unto The Locust”. First 3 or 4 tracks are great but it drops off with the last 2 or 3.

Metallica - “Beyond Magnetic” (EP) - 4 songs from the Death Magnetic sessions that didn’t make the album, that fans have been clamoring for since the albums release, make their way out during Metallica’s 30th Anniversary celebrations in San Francisco last week. All good songs, one of which just happens to be one of the best songs they’ve written in the past 20 years (Rebel of Babylon).

Christy Moore - “Folk Tale” - Another solid outing (actually better than his last release) for the Irish folk legend.

Russian Circles - “Empros” - Another instrumental rock album, this one with a bit of an Indie vibe. Solid.

Lou Reed & Metallica - “Lulu” - This is a whole other animal. I know I’m in the minority liking this album. The type of record I can only listen to rarely, when I’m in a certain mood, but when I am in the mood I thoroughly enjoy it.