2 extra tickets for Carson show sept 8th

My coworker begged me to buy him the tickets and he said he would pay me once I physically receive them. Got them last week and now he doesn’t want them anymore hence won’t pay me back.

Selling each for $122 and will throw in the LPU laminate pass too.

same shit happened to me and i’m stuck with 2 extra tickets :/…sorry if this reply gets your hopes up, haha…

I’m gonna make him pay for them…grrr, I should not have to pay for what he promised, you should get your friends to pay you back too, why should it be our loss?

Same thing happened to me too, my friend told me to buy her a ticket n now she doesn’t want it, but lucky i found someone else, even though i have to give them the M&G for free n discount them $20 -____-" ALL SO I DONT LOOSE THAT TICKET UGH I HATE MY FRIENDS! lol