17 years of Hybrid Theory


Easy task write why you love Hybrid Theory and why we celebrate this amazing cd


I Am going to go to B.U.N Corp and I am going to blast my music loud and proud….When my boss leaves…And I’m going to let everybody know that it’s the birthday of the best CD to come out in 2000. The CD and the band that got me into music it’s self, the CD that made me want to buy other CDs.

JK the only other CD I ever bought that wasn’t related to LINKIN PARK was a HURT CD and then I bought one online through a digital download. The Hurt CD was meh…

17 years of Hybrid Theory.


Happy birthday HYBRID THEORY !! :heart: Actually it was the first Cd I bought and the one who got me love Linkin Park since first time I heard them not only for they’re rock music, but also for their lyrics… :heart: :tada:


The best album ever happy 17 anniversary hybrid theory

Got this done on Thursday last week… It’s still healing, so doesnt look as crisp or bright as it was/will when it’s healed.

Seminal album.


Never heard of it…

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Would you get mad if I give you a arm slap right there?

Hahaha, it’s itching right now so that would help.

After 8 hours in the chair, a slap would be merely a light tickle lol

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Cause it’s aggressive, in-your-face, relatable, energetic, fun and freaking LOUD!

What’s more to want? :smile:


Starting my complete playthrough (extended HT) right now! :guitar::microphone:


Happy Birthday Hybrid Theory!!! :heart: First rock cd I ever bought. In The End was the first Linkin Park song I ever heard and it was love after that. Amazing CD :grin:

Nice tattoo i love it best hybrid theory tatt.

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Simply ROCK!!! love this album.
In the end was the first song I heard, and I fell in love with Linkin Park since then. :smiley:

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We always love the album, isn’t it?


It was what made me fell in love with Linkin Park and Chester. Helped me through the hard times and kept me moving. I went to school to get bullied just to get back home to listen it. It was also what made me look outside the box and to search new bands and different kind of music. It was the first cd I have ever owned.


Chester and linkin park got me thou a hell of a lot too and i fall in love with linkin park and chester amd im gald that i did . Thanks to them and chester i can always listening to chester voice and it makes me feel good about everything.

I love hybrid theory because the song in the end saved my life a few weeks ago