1 song that reminds you of your concert(s)

30/06/09, Stuttgart. it was my first concert and when i think about the concert first song that pops up is Somewhere I Belong. When the song almost ends and Chester sang ‘‘Somewhere I Belong… STUTTGAAAART!!!’’ it just gives me chills everywhere.

22/10/10, Stuttgart. I have slept for few hours and ate VERY bad day, that day it was kinda surreal for me, like everything was a dream or i was tripping xD. So for me its Waiting For The End

21/06/11, Hamburg. It has to be The Messenger! Reminds me of the wonderful time at the LPU Summit, i was so happy they played the song, it feel like it’s a song that has to be played for a small group of people and it was awesome!

Aww so many memories ok…

-25/06/08 First time they ever came here, first time I got to see them live. The moment Numb started I burst into tears cause the song means the world to me and this guy next to me goes like “Hey, you ok? Are you hurt?” and I was like “yeah yeah, just…this is so emotional and important to me” and then he kinda freaked xD

-21/07/09 Second time they came here. Right before Shadow of the Day Chester said “We promised you it wouldn’t take so long for us to come back” kinda melted my heart, Then right before Mike rapped the 1st verse of Petrified he shouted LPU out and said this was a request and it’s dedicated to the LPUers and as he said that I screamed in total silence and as he was standing in front of me, he pointed at me and smiled :smiley:

-27/10/10 Best concert cause I had to travel to Germany. Hearing Waiting For The End and Iridescent for the first time live was totally the best memory!

I’ll always remember Iridescent from my concert at Dallas; March 2nd, 2011. It was just overwhelmingly beautiful. I legitimately just started crying. :,) So, I’ll always remember that.

only one song! damn…:’)
Well No More Sorrow reminds me of my first Linkin Park concert in 2008. When I hear that song I remember my feelings what I went trought on that day :slight_smile:

2008 frankfurt no more sorrow 2008 pro rev münchen song from xero demo tape 2009 stuttgart papercut 2010 stuttgart wretches and kings and waiting for the end 2011 münchen pro rev lying from you 2011 summit hamburg bleed it out PLACE FOR MY HEAD in that song

25/05/2011, in munich the last song is Bleed it out! I will never forget Rob’s drum solo, Mike’s rap solo and if it weren’t enough a part of Place for my head all together in one awesome song! Best! :wink:

MSG, February 2011… first and only LP concert to date (but I am definitely changing that ASAP).

Shadow of the Day live was sick, and I have it on my iPod and it was such an awesome version. Chester’s emotion was there in full force and we were all going crazy.

Faint!! We went CRAZY when we realised it was Faint :smiley:
Concert: 25th of June 2011: Munich!

Somewhere i belong is my song!

Reminds me of the concert 27.2.2003 in Hamburg NJOY Radio played these song the first time in germany the night before it and i recorded it on a cassette and listen to these song the whole next day til the concert. When the concert begins i knew all the lyrics. That was amazing!

19/06/2011 - Bleed It Out/Reading My Eyes/A Place For My Head it reminds me of the wonderful day and the amazing concert

Good topic!
June 06, 2007, Moscow. Definitely ‘The Little Things Give You Away’. Favorite song from MTM. So beautiful! I wish they played it this tour…
July 26, 2009, St. Petersburg. ‘Hands Held High’ A Cappella + ‘Crawling’ (‘KRWLNG’ Intro w/ ‘Hands Held High’). It was the first time they did the two verses of HHH before Crawling.
June 23, 2011. Moscow, Red Square. ‘New Divide (Moscow Intro)’. Exclusive intro which appeared to be so good!

7.28.07: “Pushing Me Away”

Rob, Joe, Brad, and Phoenix went off stage for a break and the lights were off save for two spotlights on Mike and Chester. Mike on piano, Chester singing. Amazing.