You could make game up to as well

I’m trying to make up a game and I don"t know how to do it. Does anybody know how too do it . I’m stuck

Just come up with something that can be played by people by leaving replies and just make it a new thread. Like the other games.

@the_termin8r I was thinking of playing a game that is dealing with titles of the songs but I think it would not be fun. I’ll give an example :confused:

I don’t really think it is not a game

We already have a song title game. Is this what you had in mind?

@the_termin8r I could use that what you said huh can I please! I understand it now :blush:

That’s the general format of forum games, it’s not my idea so you don’t have to ask my permission :stuck_out_tongue:

Just come up with an idea and make a new thread.

@coolcat96 @the_termin8r bunnies are awesome

the_termin8r I could use that no one did not use it at all.

@intheend I know right bunnies are awesome and adorable. :grin:

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@the_termin8r thank you so much for your help I did that game you show but i reword it OK. :grinning::blush::slight_smile:

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The anagram game is actually a clever idea.

but isnt the same game that the person made already.

Don’t listen to him for he is evil…join me and the bunnies. We have candy

What you made a game and you want me to join it :slight_smile:
or are you talking about the game you showed me because someone else already made it.

LOL all I heard was bunnies and candies
where can I start. :yum:

candies are yummy not bunnies they are cute

I don’t know if we are talking about the same thing

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Yes :3

lets :slight_smile:

lets go then my friend :blush::slight_smile:

As far as I know there isn’t an anagram game, only the one you made.

You join what you want, but I’ve made multiple threads, a lot of my games have flopped but the word association game is the top thread right now in terms of replies so it must be some good :stuck_out_tongue: