Xero/Hybrid Theory Demo

Hi guys, recently I became the proud owner of a Hybrid Theory EP (pictured). I did a little more research into the creation of the EP and the songs. I discovered that Chester’s original Xero demo was recorded on video along with a tape and CD.

Does anyone know where this can be found? I have copies of the Xero demo cassette and the HT production cycle on my phone. It’d be awesome to find some recordings of Chester’s original audition too!


Very bad angle for a picture man :expressionless: - maybe you can change this? @matt_linkin_park

Besides this grats for your ep and good luck finding the vid…

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Hi, I added another image below the first one for you.

The only video I can think of is this:


Looks good but that’s during Linkin Park. Online it said Chester recorded a demo tape before he met the band. He then took some members from another band to go to a studio to film the recordings which was then on tape and CD

Well done finding this :+1:

Congrats for having found Hybrid Theory EP! That is a really relic! I don’t think there might be the original audition’s songs, but good luck anyway in finding it!

How old was Chester when he played with STP? This is a gr8 video!! Thanks for sharing!!