Wretches and Kings tribute story


The following is from yet unreleased Part II book! If you still reading Part I you may not want to read this.
Also, please be aware that there is some strong language present, as well as mild description of violence.

Linking Park – Wretches and Kings 4:15

‘There he is!’ An older Chinese guy in suit with grey hair said, Mike standing right next to him. ‘We were beginning to think that you would chicken out after all.’ Massive laughter of around 15 armed guards with automatic weapons erupted. ‘That’s close enough’ he said, instructing Tomas to stop as he was approaching closer and closer. Tomas once again didn’t show any emotion on the outside, but on the inside, he was screaming at himself for coming. For the very first time in his life, he experienced tremendous fear for his life. It felt like impending doom. Frankly, it was commendable that he still managed to maintain such a poker face, considering what he felt. Perhaps, survival mechanism that he practiced so many times before. ‘Don’t show any weakness, don’t show that you are afraid!’ He looked directly at Mike. He wanted to say something to Tomas, but he got interrupted. ’My name is Steven Fok.’ Tomas stayed quiet.

F: ‘And you are?’ Tomas was surprised with the question. ‘Mike didn’t tell him?!’ He wondered.

F: ‘The famous ghost!’ Now he was sure he didn’t! ’Why? But, if he is on my side after all, what role is he playing?’ Realizing that the “source” and triads are not the same entity.

F: ‘But before I proceed…’ He started to clap.

F: ‘Congratulation on passing the test!’

T: ‘What test?’

F: ‘The test that waited for you at your house, very impressive. I understand now why you are so important to my friends in Honk Kong.’ Tomas kept quiet, he knew it’s better to listen unless asked to speak, or when he needs clarification.

F: ‘Of course they were just expendable pawns trying to make it into our ranks. My soldiers are on different level so don’t get any ideas. But still, all 13 without a scratch?’ And his face made expression of respect, acknowledgment (like not bad expression) and then he raised his voice.

F: ‘I have proposal for you, ghost! Listen carefully, I’m not a person that repeats himself. Come work for us, and everything will be forgiven. I could use a person like you. No history. Except, exceptional violence!’ He grinned ear to ear as the other guards laughed hard.

F: ‘Just the sort of person we like here.’ Laughter continued.

F: ‘But! Before you say anything, there are entry conditions to this generous offer.’ Mike looked at Fok like something is wrong.

F: ‘First, no more ghost, I want to know who you are. Second…’ A captive, bonded Chinese woman was brought forward. Her mouth stuffed so that she could not speak. She was obviously beaten and still had tears running down her face.

F: ‘You kill this…’ He paused for a moment. ’Innocent person.’ Mike objected that this wasn’t the deal.

F: ‘What’s wrong Mike? The deal was, I offer your friend a way out. I’m doing it right now.’

M: ‘You said, that should he join you, you would let him live.’

F: ‘And I intent to hold that promise make no mistake! I’m no barbarian. But, such a generous offer can’t go without certain sacrifices, can it? He instructed one guard to prepare his cell phone (to capture footage of Tomas killing the woman).

M: ‘We had this talk before, I specifically said that Tomas wouldn’t do any dirty work for you, as he is trying to live peacefully! Leaving any violence behind. You said that it will be not a problem. That he can be employed as new instructor, to replace the one he accidentally killed in self-defence.’ He raised his voice at Fok, but he just laughed back.

F: ‘Accidentally, that’s a good one. There is nothing accidental about multiple fractures inflicted, and snapping a neck the way he did! That’s is the only reason Honk Kong even considered my proposal to make him join our ranks. Now, I don’t expect him to do petty “dirty work”, he’s the “ghost” for Christ sake! Enforcement is beneath him, that’s fine. He can teach us how to kill…more efficient. But, I do expect him to be one of us! We need insurance policy that will ensure so. Now kill her!’ Looking back at Tomas. The woman’s muffled cries got louder.

Tomas was in shock, didn’t know what to say. The woman was basically a girl to him, in her twenties for sure. Kill her? There was no way. If anything, he felt strong “protective urge”, to save her.

F: ‘What do you waiting for?! Kill her, I don’t have all day!’ Fok waited for another 3 or four seconds, before calming himself down and continuing.

F: ‘Listen, I have sent the pawns to get killed, we had camera on you the whole time. But you didn’t kill them! So now you forced me to use this innocent person to have blackmail material on you. In case you would change your mind and try to go against us. It’s only reasonable, right?
Momentary silence ensued.

F: ‘Now if you worried about the police part, missing person investigation, getting rid of the body efficiently etc., don’t! We got that covered, this is just insurance for us. Should you run, we expose you, and you’re hunted by all. Legal and illegal system.’ He laughed and guards joined him.

F: ‘Honestly, FBI, CIA, NSA we all walk hand in hand together.’ He grinned.

F: ‘We got connections everywhere, all we would need is some sort of leverage to make it official interest for the legal system. So that the good guys would think that they do the good days work, for the good people. Not us.’ They all erupted in massive laughter, and Fok collected himself after few seconds.

F: ‘As you see I’m being honest. No tricks. You take the deal or not!’ And you could tell that he was already annoyed at this point.

Mike just stood there in shame. He was looking right into the floor, couldn’t even look at Tomas anymore. He didn’t want to suggest for him to say no to them, nor to kill the girl.

T: ‘What if I say no? Can’t we just go our own way? Let’s forget all of this… ‘You could see that Tomas was getting more and more defiant in his body language.

F: ‘And what would be there for us in it?!’ He exploded at Tomas again, but collected himself as quickly. Even corrected his suit a bit.

F: ‘Not that easy, you have caused some grievance to us, we can’t just pretend that it never happened. I’m sure you can understand that.’ Tomas stood there in silence, and Fok started to lose it.

F: ‘Look, if you haven’t yet noticed, I’m the guy with the guns on you! You can’t do shit! What is there to think about? What?! You mind violence?! Nobody does shit without the threat of violence! The state threatens violence to its populace through the police and army, or nobody would obey shit. At least not people like us (he was clearly referring to Tomas as well), who would just push around the people below them any time they want. It’s been always like that! People up top, push the people down low! We push some people down for the state too, things that would be deemed illegal for them to do, but needs to be done. In turn, we got protection from the legal system. Everybody is happy! The state, legal system, is like a machine, with leavers and all, and we move those leavers to adjust the machine to our liking. One could argue we are part of the state enforcement force, although the state would never admit it. Hell, one could argue that we run the state! After all, we (referring to crime syndicates as whole, not the triads) push around people running the “machine” if we don’t like how they run it. And they can’t do shit to us! Not legally.’ All the guards erupted in laughter again, but Fok stayed calm and slightly approached Tomas while keeping “safe” distance.

F: ‘So, what is it going to be? You with people on top, or the people down below?’ Looking directly in Tomas’ eyes, impatiently awaiting answer.

T: ‘I can’t…’ Tomas said quietly.

F: ‘You can’t?! He turned towards the guard on his right. He can’t!’ He raised his voice loud and slowly said: ‘The ghost…can’t! Then he quickly turned back facing Tomas again.

F: ‘I know that you can. I have heard stories of incredible violence that only an animal would do. I have seen the animal in you, in your eyes. I know, because I am one, and just like you I hide it away until I need it. I take no pleasure in violence, I just do it because is necessary. Unlike, you. You harm even when it’s not necessary. I even have seen that cocky satisfied body language of yours, as you stomped on the head of one of my pawns, changing him into bloody caricature. I have seen that you took pleasure in it.’ He turned away from Tomas.

F: ‘So don’t tell me that you can’t! I know you can!’
After short pause: ‘Oh, is it because they were the bad guys?! And who are you to decide that? What are you? The people’s champion?’ He started laughing hysterically and all guards joined him.

F: ‘Was that your plan coming here?! You going to take on us all? Don’t be absurd!’

Yes, it did cross Tomas’ mind. In fact, he was doing his planning already. But, his conclusion was that it was a suicide, so he was just stalling for the meantime. Uncertain what to do.

F: ’You think you can take from us, and get away with it? The way I see it, either this bitch dies in the next 30 seconds, or you are useless to me! Means dead, if you didn’t get that part.’

T: ‘I can’t…’

F: ‘Then is decided!’ He reached for his concealed handgun into his suit, and aimed it at Tomas head.
Tomas just stood there and closed his eyes. His last thought? Just feeling ashamed. He always thought that when it comes to it, he would definitely go down in fight till the last breath. Now, that that situation had come in an instance, and he realized this is it, he froze. Accepting the fate. Mike tried to jump at Fok, but one of the guards got a hold of him before that happened. Reacting rather quickly. Mike responded with flawless vertical kick (almost fully vertical kick coming from the bottom, hitting just below the chin) that had stunned the guard for a moment. That was enough to gain time, to also take side kick at Fok, that hit him on his left side disrupting the shot that was aimed just moments before at Tomas’ head, narrowly missing it.

M: ‘Tomas fight! Don’t give them the satisfaction!’ But he got struck in his legs with burst from one of the guards’ gun. He fell in pain onto the floor. After momentary struggle with the pain he got it under control.
Tomas still stood there frozen in his position, scared to make a movement. Unable to speak out of shame. He was wrong, about everything. Who he is, what would he do.’ I’m a pretender, just like the others…’ He felt that no matter what he does, things are always spiralling out of control. A shot came out, and the girl fell to the ground. She got hit in the head out of Fok’s gun. Blood squirting out of the entry hole.

F: ‘She was dead the minute we collected her anyway. Nothing personal, just knew to much.’ Tomas just looked at Mike and he could see the disappointment in his eyes. That Tomas wouldn’t do anything, and even though he was heavily bleeding from his legs, got really calm and quiet in his own defiance of Fok satisfaction. Then he also got hit in the head with shot out of Fok’s gun.

F: ‘Now that was personal, for wasting my time! Besides, the only person that I know you care about. That way I got a little bit of satisfaction getting under your skin. I hope.’ He looked calmly directly into Tomas eyes hoping for reaction. But there was nothing, he was still frozen, no movement no expression. This time Tomas didn’t have to tame his emotions, there were none. Just pure shock. To him, what was happening so quickly was totally unreal, and his brain struggled to process it. Then the gun aimed at Tomas’ head again, but the shot didn’t come out.

F: ‘You know, Mike almost killed you with that kick. I never really tried to shoot you, I just wanted to see your reaction. But as he kicked me the shot just came out!’ He made that oops expression.

F: ‘Unlucky for you it also moved my hand.’ He was grinning.

F: ‘I’m really disappointed I won’t get to kill you personally, but as you know there was a considerable price for your head. Someone actually paid us to be the one doing the kill! That someone was the brother of the DI you “accidentally” killed. Something tells me, he won’t be as gentle as I would. Sorry for that, but business is business. I have to cover my own loses. But, I have to say, I’m really disappointed that you didn’t resist at all. Now I will have to made up some story how I got “the ghost” under control before handing in. And I’m not very good liar!’ Guards started to laugh again.

F: ‘I was wrong, you’re no animal after all! You’re fucking scared! You think you can fool me with your poker face? You’re frozen scared, you pussy! I really don’t understand!’ Fok and the guards continued to laugh loud as they were making their way out, leaving Tomas completely alone.

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