Why Living On Through Music Isn't Enough

When I hear people talk about Chester’s legacy, I frequently hear statements like, “He’ll live on in his music.” While I agree with the kind sentiment of that statement, it isn’t enough. First, music requires at least 2 different perspectives: The person/people producing the music, and the person/people hearing the music. As someone once said, “Music is meaningless noise until it touches a receiving ear.” In other words, if music exists but no one ever listens to it, the music may just as well be non-existent.
Technology has changed so fast over the past 100 (and even over the past 20 years) that most music and movies produced 100 years ago are either lost to history or not well known. In the early 1900s, there was a very famous actor named Rudolph Valentino. His tragic death at the young age of 31 drove some of his fans to kill themselves in order to show their devotion to him. Some of Valentino’s famous films include “The Son of the Sheik,” “Blood and Sand,” and “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Yet who has even heard of Valentino today? Who has watched any of his films? When I hear people say, “Chester will never be forgotten,” how can we ensure (or at least increase the chances) that this will be the case, say, 100 years from now? Is it reasonable to hope for such a thing? These are sincere questions that I think are worth considering.
Undoubtedly, Chester lives on in his children (perhaps this is one form of immortality) and he lives on in our hearts. But what about the next generation? How can we “help leave behind some reasons [for Chester] to be missed?”


I think that despite Chester no longer being with us in his physical form, there are still many other factors that will help to keep his legacy alive for future generations. Obviously many of us still think about him everyday & grieve his loss. Many of us reach out to each other to help get through this.

Ways that fans keep his memory alive presently:
The art work created as a tribute/dedicated to him
Songs created from people’s feelings about Chester
Marking things like hats/t-shirts with #Make Chester Proud
People doing things for others in memory of Chester
Participating in Music For Relief one of Chester’s favorite things

Things that I think would be cool to do in memory of Chester:
Make a recording of LP songs done by my many other artists, across all Genres of music & donate proceeds to Music For Relief…(Sort of like the concert done for him but include artists from country music or any other. Something like when various artists did a tribute cd of KISS songs years ago)

Find a way for LPU members to create a cd of songs as a Tribute to Chester
Design our own unique hat, shirt, jacket, etc… with something special on it as a tribute to Chester

I’m not sure if I’m making much sense or just rambling. My point is that despite the facts that you pointed out about many stars never being heard of by future generations, I don’t think that will be the case with Chester. The world has changed in so many ways that I think he will still hold a special place in history.

Marilyn Monroe seems to be a timeless star. Elvis Presley also seems to be another star that is timeless. Chester has done so much more than them, in MY PERSONAL opinion. The reasons that I feel this way are that not only did he do so much as a philanthropist, he touched SO MANY PEOPLE ON A PERSONAL level. I can’t think of any other artist that would actually get down with fans and let them touch him as much as Chester. Many artists getting very upset by fans touching them. Chester seemed to actually let fans draw a little bit of his spirit to themselves by letting them touch him.

This probably sounds crazy to many of you, and I’m sorry for rambling. I just feel like Chester will still live on through his family, his fans, other artists that speak about him, as well as organizations stepping up their efforts to help people with mental illness. It will always be a tragedy that we lost Chester so early, but losing him has brought so much attention to mental illness. I think that many more people will be saved because of people knowing what to look for as well as people being able to find the help that they need.

I am going to try to find ways to do things to help others in memory of him. I’m not artistic but I will try to find other ways to contribute. I hope that I have given some of you ideas on ways that we can help Chester to always be missed…