Why i can't get into the chatroom?

the systerm retry many times, but still can’t connect to the chatroom?
Anything wrong with my setting??

First off, what kind of membership do you have? If it’s the 1 month trial, the chat is one of the features you cannot access. Secondly, if that’s not the case, then it’s probably tiny chat having issues. Try a different browser and logging in and out of your accounts (both LPU, and tiny chat).

Third of all, this is in the wrong forum, just saying

If none of the other things apply/work, try to restart your router

I have the same problem too. I can’t even get in if I wanted to.

Recently I tried to enter the Chatroom by using VPN and then it suddenly stopped working.

Are you sure? From what I know the chatroom disappeared somehow between LPU 15 and the migration of the site back in :thinking: 2016?!! Maybe the app has a chat opportunity- this I don’t really know- I’m using the desktop version on my phone- and this has definitely no chatroom function- or do you mean discord lpu-server?

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This is a 6 year old thread, the chat in question is more than likely gone with the wind.

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:joy::joy::joy: Yeah, I saw that … but nevertheless let’s welcome the new soldier - don’t worry @ailaforrest - we all hear voices from time to time :joy::joy: welcome to the lpu nevertheless :blush::sunny:


There unfortunately hasn’t been a chat room on this site since 2013.


The tiny chat? That was 2014 when I joined… I still remember @anvanoppens there- but not voicechat- more like a messanger- we had Rob there back then as bandchat too… I think it was 2016… January

When I joined, and the website was run through Sparkart, and they had their own chatroom, and it was strictly a messenger chat. When LPUX launched, they switched to integrating Tinychat in the LPU site, solely for the purpose of having video band chats.

I remember there being talks about switching to another chat platform, but that never happened, and the chat room was completely removed from the LPU instead.

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Yes, this from up tiny chat I remember exactly like you- edit: looked it up- it was LPUXIII when I joined- was the HP aera …

We have our little spam chat thread? :grimacing: (that sane people avoid :roll_eyes:)