Where is the soldier, you are missed! Trollololi Trollolola

@Fravaco!!! :smile:

I’m glad to hear about you :hugs:

Do whatever you need to do, we’re here for you :slight_smile:

To us, you are another member of our family :grin:


This is so true we are all family :grin:


This might be my favorite post I’ve seen yet. Well said!!

I’m glad to read this! Hope to see you around more on the forums! :slight_smile:


glad to here your doing much better :smile: :grinning:


After a down comes an up- glad to see you better- and welcome to the family brother- and maybe time to change the thread titel into: Yaay- soldier in :tada:


Hi there @Fravaco happy belated New year :sweat_smile: how have you been lately?


so well said!

but as an enduro rider i have also discovered something to add to your beautiful empathetic words!

when you are stuck in mud and so is everyone else, there is only one way to help yourself silly self.
by helping others first!
then, hand in hand we will all pull through the mud!

what a brilliant thread for 2019 !
we thank you @Fravaco for the opportunity to come even closer together!
see how easy it is to help others through your own fight with the dark?

we all together in darkness
therefore, nobody is alone!
Even Mike announced an event where you live.
can you imagine not ever hearing about that because of a rushed decision?
even Mike would miss having you there!
He is not coming to Greece because he knows i’m fine now but he is coming to you and you’ll be there to give us some footage!
WARNING : Enjoy the show more than bring footage back!
just bring us one moment :slight_smile:

<3 LP brothers and sisters!


I’m a bit worried for you… How have you been? 7 days without knowing about you…


Hey @Fravaco hope you’re doing well. One day at a time. I feel for you, I get those thoughts too.


Remember : “Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do”. We do, you’re not alone :slight_smile:


It’s been a while since I visited this topic… I’ve tried to avoid it but I feel I still need something to say here.
First of all, I’m better… but not the way it should be yet… I guess it’ll take a while for these dark feelings and thoughts to disappear, if ever completly… I’m learning to channel these things, sometimes I succeed, other times I fail completely…
But anyway, what I really wanted to do is to thank all of you again, for being here at my worst moment, for giving me the feeling that I’m not alone. And although it turns out to be harder than I thought, I’m trying to open up to other people, something that I rarely do… but here, somehow, it’s easier…
so again, thank you @jFar920, @lpfan61, @IronSoldier16, @LEUNRPHANTOM, @theearlywalker, @acemasters, @blinky7, @AJ_7, @susanZ, @achilleas7
You guys are the best :heart:


And because I’m only allowed to tag 10 soldiers at a time, here’s the rest of you :heart:
@LP13413; @StephLP18, @lily_perlin, @annejprado, @rickvanmeijel, @melisLP and @Lilyope


Awww!! Really happy our words reached/reach you!! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :heart:


knowing a little more about your story as you shared somewhere else, all i can say is i am in full admiration of your strength not only to go through the hardships that you do but also, for picking up the strength to not let go and share this with others in the beautiful way you did.

Men like you (who care) have a big role to play in today’s society where depression reigns supreme.
you have seen the darkness yourself and with the hope you hold, you can help the newcomers overcome it quicker!
like a torch in their dark!

“To even conceive you have the right to look into someone, you must know well who it is who is looking. you must have overcome your own dark corners and shed light to them. the same light you will use to look into others”
-Carl G Jung.
(ok, slightly paraphrased)

All my work (playlists 2016 to 2019) in the youtube account were made to give you tools that arrive from extreme observation of this world and not judging anything as wrong until knowing what is.
To get to that result, someone perished.
and this is his lesson reaching the 2018 playlist. how to effectively perish your ego with its desires and warm dreams.
but 2016 is what matters. tough stuff to accept!
i couldn’t be more honored to have contributed to your revival but my real attempt to help comes through video editing.

The dark is shared among all races/ages/sexes/backgrounds.
for me, every story is a personal fight i would give my life for!
Hopefully, another warrior with the same zeal is up to fight against the dark wherever he now finds it!
but to get to that front, an armour is mandatory! (knowledge of truth can never be shaken by lies!)

honored to meet you @Fravaco :fist_right::fist_left:
if your dog ever allows you to, you have a friend to visit here in Greece
not asking of the cats.
they don’t even care if we’re around them or not :joy:
they’ll survive and hopefully catch a rat!
…or tweetie! :hatched_chick:


Happy to know that you feel good now :slight_smile:

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Good to find out that you are in better shape now 'cause the title above seems a bit frightening.
I’m also here but don’t talk much (or I do - but in less relevant threads).
I never know what to say. I’d always like to help but I’m not sure if telling you 'Stay strong! or something like that when you really suffer makes you feel better. Or maybe it would only make me feel better that I said so.

However stay strong and don’t leave!


We’re all so glad you are better. These things take time but we’ll always be here to listen.

It’s completely normal to have setbacks. It’s how you move forward from them that matters. From the looks of it you are doing an incredible job.

And yes, somehow opening up to the LPFamily is so much easier. Thanks for your trust and for feeling comfortable enough to open up to us


Honesty like yours dear @anomalia is something that is healing others just by touching them.
But you also carry other attributes.
you understand the difference of sympathizing and the devastating effect it can have when compared to empathizing.
patting on someone’s back is far from experiencing their emotions yourself and you already know the difference.
It is empathizing that saves and your hesitation to share your view only proves how much you value others’ lives and problems in a degree that if you do, you will do it deeply and not on the surface.
so you hesitate not because you don’t care enough but because you are not sure of yourself to dig that deep into someone without breaking a glass in them.
i admire that my dear!

I see a good pshychiatrist in your post…
i’m just someone’s view on the internet :wink:

and if you hesitate today is because weapons are meant to be used correctly
and you are still reading your own manual.

The immediate next attribute those who try to help a friend should carry is what @AJ_7 described!
gratitude! for being considered worthy to get into someone’s shoes!
a lot of people take that for granted when kids open up to them.
let alone, when people of a longer life than a child with a lot of experiences do.

cheers team!


Thanks to you for stay with us :hugs: I know hoy you feel, last year I was in that same path, but with the help of these beautiful persons my life has changed to something better. There are days where I fall down and I feel like if I come back to that hole, when that happens I come here and spend some minutes to feel great again :slight_smile: so don’t feel worry if you fail, it’s a part o this process. Whenever you want to talk about anything we will be here :hugs:


I’m glad you’re doing better!

Unrelated, but I saw a tweet of yours pop up in my Twitter feed recently because Mike replied to it. The subject was about him wanting to block the mentioning of certain people from his entire Internet experience, but the fact that he took the time to reply to you is cool regardless!