Where are all the blogs?

Good evening LPU,

I just recognzied that I can’t find the category ‘Blogs’ on my account anymore, or at least I think, it had been there [biggrin] The links that I got via email which are referring to the blogs are still working, but I wonder what happened there.
I took some screenshots to show you how it looks:

Does anyone know what’s going on there ?
I hope this is just a mistake, not that they shut the blog feature down…
Maybe the software gets updated or they gotta fix something about this website module, I guess and hope we will see.

Best regards,

thats weird
because i do see it , right underneath mail

not sure how what or why
but im sure a moderator or so will help you out with this :stuck_out_tongue:

btw i think this belongs in the feedback section as that section is specific for topics like this that concern '‘questions and/or feedback’'
just letting you know so if you have a question again next time you can post it in the right section right away (:

Omg thank-god i am not the only one, i wrote adam he said it might be a gltich and to conntact Ground control. I did and when i went back to my page my blogs were back and i can still write them, but i still can not see them so that means no body els can eather it pissed me off but it releaves me that im not the only one…

I think it’s fixed now. I had the same problem but my blog button is back now just check again.

Not me, i still cant view mt blogs on my profile so that means no body els can eather…

I don’t see my blogs and I don’t see blogs from other members…

Alright i can see my blogs from my profile, but you have to click on view all to read one or all… Just saying i just figured that out… I still cant see my recent blog on clear view when i go to my profile you have to go around it all lol this is so stupid idk whats going on…

Wrong forum -_-

A week ago some of the comments on my profile went missing. It might just be a ground(ctrl) error or something

ALright everything is back to normal on my profile, im not mad about it anymore must have been some kind of glitch im rly glad its all taken care of…[biggrin]

Okay, it’s fixed for me too.

Sorry for posting in the wrong section, but this case didn’t seem like a feedback to me ^^