What's Your Favorite LP Song?!?

I have soooo many

Papercut is my favorite, but I also really like Blackout and When They Come For Me.

New Divide is my favorite… also Numb… from the new album I’ll be gone !!!1

Don’t Stay

Hey guys, we already have a thread for this topic [size=20]HERE[/size]

That’s one of the toughest questions ever, so I will list my favorite per album.

-Hybrid Theory: With You followed closely by Runaway
-Meteora: Somewhere I Belong followed closely by Lying From You
-Minutes to Midnight: Little Things Give You Away followed closely by No More Sorrow
-A Thousand Suns: Waiting for the End followed closely by Iridescent
-Living Things: I’ll Be Gone followed closely by Lost in the Echo.

My favorite album would have to be Minutes to Midnight.

Leave out all the rest… also robot boy and waiting for the end