What's the 1st Big Event You're Going to After You Get Married?

Linking Park Concert

Chula Vista - Cricket Ampitheatre

Sept 10, 2012

I’m getting married to the woman in my profile picture in Sept 7th, I am finally taking the next step as a man. I been wanting to for a long time… been having many past relationships fail, pretty much with the lyrics of our band, LP. Friday will be an epic day for me in San diego. Then our 1st big event… not the honey moon … will be at the concert on that Monday, and we both wanted it that way. I married the right one :-p This band is THAT important to us, that’s crazy. Well, we got ground floor tickets and hope to meet them as well. I’ve never been so willing and wanting to meet my music performers. I mainly listened to rap, hiphop, and r&b. Then my “gateway” band showed up in 2001 in my freshman year of college. Hybrid Theory… that’s all it took. Now I am into all kinds of rock music because of Linkin Park, not to mention a good connection with my oldest niece I am still getting to know. All in all, I know what to expect from Linkin Park… so from their 1st to their last CD, I will support it. Me and my fiance will support til the end.


Congratulations!! Have fun at the show! :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Well ummm, I’ve been married for 16 years, so I guess my opinion may not matter, but I’ll share this story anyway. Right before we got married we went to a playoff football game in Kansas City. It was the coldest game ever played at Arrowhead. Like -32F. The next game we went to was 13 years later, and it was the second coldest game in Arrowhead history. Talk about horrible luck.

You two look really happy together and I wish you the best of luck. I’ll give you some free advice. Spend more time listening to “Iridescent” than “One Step Closer.” Trust me on that one.