What would be the "Single" from Live In Texas?


If there was an “official single” from Live in Texas (LIT), what would it be?

  • One Step Closer
  • Numb
  • Faint
  • From The Inside
  • Lying From You
  • Points of Authority
  • Other

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Here are the choices listed with their rationale:

One Step Closer

  • Included on the LIT 2-Track Sampler/Street Team Promo CD along with “Faint”


  • Included on two different LIT CD Singles, one on it’s own, & one 2-track with “Faint.”
  • A 2nd music video for Numb was created to promote LIT
  • Most popular individual LIT purchase on iTunes


  • Included on LIT 2-Track Sampler/Street Team Promo CD with “One Step Closer”
  • Included on LIT Australian CD single with “Numb”

From The Inside

  • LIT performance is included on all “From The Inside” CD Singles.
  • Its official Music Video was considered to be included as bonus content on Live Texas DVD.

Lying From You

  • Its music video was created out of its Live In Texas performance due to the song’s popularity.
  • It’s the only LIT performance to be uploaded to Linkin Park’s YouTube channel besides the full show

Points of Authority

  • The only LIT performance to be uploaded to Warner Music Germany’s YouTube channel.
  • The only LIT video available separately from the whole performance on both iTunes AND Tidal


  • If there’s anything I’m not considering that I should be vote Other but explain why!
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Maybe A Place for My Head because DAMN Chester (and the rest) nailed that


Going with @evowarrior5 on this


@evowarrior5 @anna834 i def agree they killed that performance, but I’m not asking what the best performance was per se because many were great, but more based on promo material, etc. which would count as its single? APFMH was awesome and memorable, but the video on its own was never officially released, and the song on its own was never officially released


place for my head
Never got over their “live in Texas” versions!


@achilleas7 haha yeah me too! P5hng Me A*wy is also a personal fave of mine! Love Mike’s solo. And Papercut literally blew me away. Maybe I I’ll start another thread asking what ppls favorites were too, but I was getting at more what most ppl consider to be the Single of LIT the same way OST, Crawling, and ITE, are the singles of HT, but not necessarily everyone’s personal favorites

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LFU, Don’t stay or Figure.09 - soooooo damn god :hearts::metal:t2:

so underrated songs against the ‘main street’ - songs and in the LIT Version so f’ckin’ awesome. Maybe APFMH too, cause LP, Chester, Mike and the crowd nailed it.


wait wait wait…

We’ve overlooked something here…
I understand you are all deep LP fans and through your experience, looking back to that concert, these are the moments that really move you today and i see it as well…
aren’t we forgetting the moments that made the initial impact?
who can deny that it was the combination of With you and By myself that really carved the LP logo in our hearts?
The lyrical depth, the melodies, the drums… and where we learned what each of them members can deliver!

Please don’t ask me which of the two i pick for favorite.
i leave that to you because i simply can’t and never will !
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A place for my head…
The only version I like :slight_smile:


Figure.09 definitely :slight_smile:

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