What was your favourite part from the "LP featuring you" contest last year?

Hey guys

for those who were in the LPU9 and were involved in the contests and little games to find out about the new Linkin Park album, there was also the “LP featuring you” contest or “catalyst contest” as i like it to call.

i wanted to ask - what piece of music did you like the most? we had some .wav parts like Keyboard1, drums etc

I def. choose the keyboard1 - the sound is just amazing!! i love this sound!
Listening to it right now

oh its been awhile, i think i might still have those sounds put away on my computer at home. i think i liked one of the keyboard sounds :3

Well I think it was a sweet contest and i kinda don’t agree with who won (Don’t get me wrong sick mix) but I think there were better ones and some of them even fitted ATS better
Just my thoughts :wink: