What songs will they sing for their upcoming Honda Civic Tour?

I fell in love with their music during their Hybrid Theory and Meteora days. Minutes to Midnight was alright but wasn’t my favorite. Will they sing a lot of songs from their new Album “Living Things” and their latest album “A Thousand Suns”? Or will they play the old classics from Hybrid Theory and Meteora?

What do you guys think?

Thanks, much appreciated!

i think thell play there new songs cuz thats wat they did wen they toured 1000 suns but theyll probally do there old ones cuz thats wat the fans like

they always mix it up they usual play a quarter of every thing but they might play some new song from Living Things they’ve done it in the past so i don’t see why they wouldn’t now.

i think they will play a lot of stuff from Living Things. But i’m wondering how many songs will they play now on tour with all of their cds? xD As much as I love the new stuff, I would love if they played some old stuff as well. I’d rather have a place for my head, dont stay, figure 09, and some other ones they dont play as much, in place of Crawling (good song, heard it to many times) Shadow of the Day, and Iridescent.

I think they’ll play a good mix of all of it like they’ve done in the past. I’m sure they’ll play newer stuff since the tour is promoting their newest album, but LP is always good about mixing it up. I think it’d be amazing if they started closing with OSC again. That was just such a staple for so long that they close with that song, I’d seen them 3 times in concert before they stopped doing that, and I got really confused when they did that one like 5 songs in. I just remember thinking ‘this can’t be it! It’s still daylight and they haven’t performed anything from Minutes To Midnight!’ haha.

They won’t play any songs from Living Things before the album is published. (except Burn it Down). But they will play songs from HT, MT,MTM and ATS albums :slight_smile: