What if rains At the nikon jones beach theater concert in NY?

Just want to know if they will Cancel it . This is my first time at a LP EVENT .

I dont think do. When i went to a Poison conert there it was raining when the 2nd open band was on. luckily i was under cover, but i think the show goes on because the stage is under convert from the rain. It better not happen though.

you might get wet.


Then we rock out in the rain! : )

Yeah, I’ve been to some pretty wet shows at Jones Beach. (So many reasons to hate that venue! So wish they were playing PNC instead!) Pretty sure the show goes on unless there’s thunder and lightning. As such, the show could get shortened if there’s an extended storm, but since most lightning storms don’t last too long, it’s unlikely the show will be canceled altogether.

It sounds like fun, ROCK OUT IT THE RAIN!!!

I asked my mom and she said she went to a Whitesanke and Faster Pussy Cat conert at Jones Beach Theater and it was terrential downpour and super windy and it still went on.

I will bring an umbrella if it’s predicted or it looks like it might rain. Maybe two in case anyone next to me doesn’t have one. But yes-- rocking out in the rain.