What do you expect in the Summit?

I never really been to one. What do they recently show when you expect to go there? It looks cool from the videos. xD

What do you expect from it?

i expect Fun. :slight_smile: check out the itinerary, it tells you all of whats happening. It should be awesome.

I’m getting nervous because the email with the waiver that you have to print and sign has not been sent out to me yet.

Yeah I havent got that either but it will probably be last minute tues or wed or have them there for us to sign. I cant wait, not much going on thursday but friday is going to be awesome…

Nothing much from the band.
Mostly to meet new Linkin Park fans.
And to meet the band for like, -0.2 seconds. xD
Keeping expectations at bay so I don’t get disappointed. LPTV sells the Summits a little better than they actually are.
It’ll be fun though.