What are you listening to this minute? Just curious

bring me to life - Eva…ce
lol can t find the right spelling now… lol btw hey happy days @spellingmistake and @amitrish

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Happy holidays for you too darling :kissing_heart:

mhhhh sooo good to feel ya… thank you and big beary master hugs… until nova rock latest…@spellingmistake :heart_eyes:


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loool,any music suggestion too Rob? merry xmas my friend :hugging:

I quite like the last album I posted, you can try that out if you want, it’s heavy nu metal, like the late 90s / early 00s stuff. Otherwise I’ve been listening to anything with Pete Murray (LoPro, LOP9, etc…) in it obsessively lately.

Ahh yeah! I cant wait for nova rock! It will be epic

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last christmas - wham
RIP George Michael 25.12.16


Finally I comprehend this:

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OMG! Now I realized that :fearful:

Lol, I bet that’s not what you had in mind :joy:

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No it wasn’t!! :stuck_out_tongue:
He didn’t die by shooting…good for me (black humor)

What does black humor mean? @anngelenee are you saying you are African American or African or South African or British or from the U.K. Or Jamaican or

oooh shut up :stuck_out_tongue:

So u are >:3

Don’t tempt me…