What are you doing right now?

Sadly I can’t I have a 1 year old tornado :joy:

lol mine is 12 :joy: she is a tsunami

aquarius you know :wink:
where are you from, soldier? @xxdilloncaxx

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Then what am I? Climate change?

She definetly has to learn a lot of social skills as german disciplin too, thats all -she is just a teeny,such a teeny

copy/paste this lol

St. Helens U.K.

so ya gst?
looooooool @the_termin8r too… we pluggers all


What gst???

time zone…= gst @the_termin8r what does this acronym means btw?
me plugin with the guys :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you mean GMT, not GST.

do I? yup, ty my friend :hugging: @evooba
feeling kinda sentimental tonight :smiley:

Yep 18:16 :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t thinking of that at all. I thought it meant like “get some tonight”

Oops have to charge, 5% only

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ya dead

You mean this?

Reliving one of my favorite moments from the year.

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right now typing these wishes
wishing very nice days to you @LP13413 it is not to oftenwe meet personal inhere…so bearyhugs to U!


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I’m having breakfast, getting ready to go out.

(Snaps @theearlywalker’s neck)

No one touches the Andies -.-

Here you go Andies :3

(Gives candy…)
(snaps @LP13413’s neck)

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…for gummies :3