WANTED: LPU Points Store (posters)

Hello everyone! I’m sure there are several of you that might be in the same boat, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask…

I’ve been collecting LP posters from the Projekt Revolution Tour back in 2008. During that year, I attended the tour in St. Louis and have been trying for the past 4 years to find that poster. I’ve even gone as far as successfully contacting Yoskay Yamamoto, the artist that was commissioned to do that location’s poster. He didn’t have any extra copies that he was willing to give or sell to me.

And now, that very poster is available in the points store. 3000 points?!? Wow…

Well here it is: is there a LPU member out there that has 3000 points that would like to make some serious cash by redeeming for that St. Louis, MO poster?

Please send me a message if you’re close to 3000 or have 3000 points and I would very much like to work something out. Trust me, I’m willing to offer a high amount of $$$ for this poster.

p.s. Anyone who reads this post can feel free to add me as a friend (for more points!)

Good luck, I’ve added you as a friend.

Good luck with that,hard to get 3000.wish I could help.

Btw how can i collect points ? i have almost 900 but i can get more :frowning:

posting on your blog on LPU site, commenting on blog posts and user accounts and news.