Walking Rumor (Give it a listen)


Hey fellow LP Soldiers!

We are a rock band from Denmark named Walking Rumor.
Ever since we released our EP ‘The war within’ things has gone very fast for us.
We have played together for little over a year now and we’ve already accomplished getting a lot of media attention, getting on radio stations worldwide, being announced ‘band of the month’ two times in a row (on the biggest rock website in Denmark) and we managed to go all the way to the finals in this years ‘Global battle of the bands’, that took place in Berlin Germany.
There we won 3’rd place in peoples choice out of 18 bands.
All of this we accomplished by ourselves and we are hungry for more.

So why are we contacting you?

Linkin Park has been our biggest influence for what we do and how we write our music.
We would love feedback from as many of you as possible, so we can keep developing our music.
Do you like it? What could be better?

Link for our first single ‘Proud of me’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L-Ra1FunXU

Link for our EP ‘The war within’ on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/3sKDRLryzeTPPzzClJDoYz

Find us on Facebook and feel free to contact us: https://www.facebook.com/WalkingRumor

We can’t wait to hear back from you.

Kind Regards.
Walking Rumor.


walking rumor as name is a pure eyecatcher… me immidiately clicked ya thread on… good job… :grin:

the music I will listen to tonight, maybe at plug… with the other guys…then I feedback and if good…spread it…ya ever read our lyrics? We are the Unity of us, we write lytics in team-work and family-spirit… my words to describe…give it a chance too and feedback here:

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Love the lyrics man! Awesome job!
Thanks for checking out my thread btw, it really means a lot.

We are gathering as much feedback as we can and reaching out for potential new fans.

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tonight I promise.I am curious
welcome to the lpu Soldier!!!

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Thank you :sunglasses:
We are looking forward to hear your feedback.

Kind Regards.

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WOW this is a great mix, tfk, papa roach, Linkin Park, all the heros mixed in a vegetable tourette! (lol hope ya get the joke… ) :joy: ! Maybe lead vocs a bit more feeling…? If ya join Germany, gimme a call


Thank you for the feedback!
We are so glad to hear that you liked it.
We played in Berlin last year but we are working on getting more shows.
We’ll take any support we can get.

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its awesome to get to have input,
wish you guys the best from the get go!
personally the music itself is spot on, gets you feeling it
only thing I could say is somewhat similar to what earlywalker said regarding the vocals. I felt it was a tad bit disconnected from the music itself
definitely will keep an eye out for anything you guys come out with


Thank you for the feedback!
We really appriciate you took your time to check it out. We will definitely work on those vocals for future releases. You can find our entire EP ‘The war within’ on Spotify.


I liked the song! I’m going to check out the rest of the EP when I get the chance! Wishing you the absolute best! You guys deserve it. Good Luck and looking forward to hear more from you

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Thank you! It really means a lot to us to hear that.
Feel free to check it out and maybe even pass it around. We need all the support we can get.

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I liked tour music! Like theearlywalker said, it’s a mix of styles that worked really well.
Also listened to Bring you home Acoustic, really liked it too!
I wish you guys good luck!


heeey :hugging: , long time ago that you posted… wb :smiley:ya’ll go to the italian festivals this year ??:smiley:already in mood? ( remember my friendlist on old lpu… you were on it! :blush:) @taissacartolano

@keniokennethgustavss the more often you guys get into my ear, the more I like you guys… may I can post ya stuff on social media to spread it ( try to at last ;P)

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Hello @theearlywalker! I do remember you from the old LPU. But I don’t know if you’re confusing me with someone else because it’s kind of hard for me to go to a festival in Italy, since I live in Brazil. :joy: But LP is coming to a festival here as well, so I’m really excited to it. And yeah… there’s a long time I didn’t enter here, since we get more information about LP in others social media, I stopped enter here. :disappointed:

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We are thrilled to hear that you like our stuff so much! Please feel free to post it on socal media and share it with your friends. We need all the support we can get.

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Awesome to see you checked us out even further. We need all the support that we can get, so thank you! Please feel free to share it with others if they might be interested.

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I like to know and listen to new groups.
And come on… I wasn’t so late! You posted 6 days ago!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Loool @taissacartolano :joy: I think we met at the community feed site… the blog site …

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